Brand Spanking New: Program Blurb 2008

Brand Spanking New is a fresh and exciting opportunity for writers and directors to work on new scripts, new relationships and new ideas in a safe and supportive environment: at the New! Chosen out of 80 applications and a sea of accomplished writers, the scripts represent a cross section of current Australian writing: Sometimes terrifyingly brave, at times brutal, frequently tender and often mind-bendingly funny.
The style, methodology, philosophy or theme of each play represents an important facet of a diverse (and therefore healthy) theatrical eco-system. Tonight celebrate the new work and bravery of these collaborators.
As disperate as this suite of plays may appear, Barbara Bryce’s overarching design concept unifies the seemingly un-unifiable, whilst Catherine Robinson’s composition provides a gritty/raw underscore.
I congratulate all involved in this project, and thank you, the audience, for supporting the inaugural season of Brand Spanking New