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At NIDA with 7-ON Playwrights for Platonic


Recently, whilst hosting a conversation with a group of playwrights for The Riverside Theatres the Writers night (as a part of A View From Moving Windows) I outted my long enduring love of/for Nick Parsons (Australia’s much loved tall-as-a-sky-scraper screen/stage writerly mountains dwelling gent) citing the first time we spoke and our consequent developing friendship.

Afterwards I continued along the line up of writers describing my love of them all… Of course it wasn’t long before Parsons noted “you seem to love a lot of people”… and indeed I do. Playwrights are my rock stars, I adore them. I love them as people, drinking buddies, collaborators, friends, philosophers, coffee dates – collectively and individually. Read more

Calling out to artists interested in… A View From Moving Windows


So often independent shows are put together through quiet coffee dates or in the corners of a foyer through established networks. I like to build a creative team around a project mixing together artists I know (and have worked with previously) and inviting artists to express their interests in a project. I like to throw open the possibilities and meet new people. For me building teams of artists and developing new connections and discovering new talent is one of the great joys of working in theatre. Read more

SHH Fundraiser | The Arts Platform


There are many ways to show your support for the development of and creation of art. Some are makers or producers, some dedicated punters, others offer word of mouth or social marketing – and some give money. With the rise and rise on online crowdfunded projects – it seems most projects have a Pozible promoted project.

Tonight, SHH is hosting a modest gathering of artists at The Arts Platform to connect, celebrate and raise money for their work over a glass of wine or cup of tea. Read more

A $100K Opportunity | Movie Extra Webfest


On my only day off in November, Bel Delia and I got together to create a trailer for the comedy series we have been developing Petty Crimes. Read more

I Contain Multitudes | Novemberism at The Old 505 Theatre


Novemberism – a festival for playwrights by playwrights.

When I heard of this pro-active, empowered festival for playwrights, by playwrights- how could I keep away? I got on the phone to ISM and asked them in a shy voice if perhaps I could offer a morsel amongst the sumptuous smorgasboard of events to their calendar? In particular, I offered them (and 7-On) a show. Read more

Not a Review of Women Power Culture – Then & Now | New Theatre

wpc web

This is not a review.

It can’t be. It’s unfortunate that the little tab on my site says “Reviews” when really this is not a review. it’s a post. Well perhaps it might be a review of sorts as I re-view the past month or so working on my pieces for Women Power Culture. I am viewing it – or responding to the questions I have been asking myself about many things. Read more



There’s that feeling just before a meeting or a launch – where I feel different. My skin feels thin, sounds seem louder, my eyes are keener and dart around examining everything. I am ultra aware, ultra wired, ultra ready. Read more

Greenlight- Emergenza Australian Finals


Emergenza is the World’s biggest live band festival, providing unsigned bands the opportunity to play infront of hundreds of punters and a panel of industry executives. It is a trial by fire competition- with heats designed to push forward the bands voted by the audience as the best of the competition. Starting off at The Lair in The Metro- each band has 20 minutes of playing time to make their mark infront of a fairly well lit audience – whatever sounded good in your bedroom or loungeroom is now amplified and in front of strangers… Read more

Herding Kites: Anthology

Herding Kites: A Celebration of Australian Writing (Paperback)
Marking 10 years of the National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF), Herding Kites is a new anthology celebrating the breadth, originality and dynamism of Australian writing. Read more

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