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And so this is Christmas…

12-28-09 ornaments118.jpg

What? How did that happen? Christmas again? WHAT? Read more

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth | Autobiography in the theatre


November was a busy month. Lots of shows on. Lots to direct. Lots to see. And amongst that was Novemberism -a brand new festival for playwrights that seemed to pop out of nowhere, containing a collection of collectives, writing opportunities and conversations. On one of the many Saturdays of Novemberism, I struggled in the swelter of a slow-to-start summer to The Old 505 Theatre. I went in search of a panel discussion on Auto/biography in theatre, hosted by John McCallum and with contributions from Kate Mulvany (The Seed), Rebecca Clarke (Unspoken), Noelle Janaczewska (Good with Maps) and Phil Spencer (Bluey). Read more

Whose story is this anyway? The rights and the wrongs of theatrical storytelling.


I’ve been thinking about story ownership.

Quite a bit actually. Read more

Island | Shopfront Contemporary Art and Performance


On Sunday evening at Shopfront in Cartlon, I sit in the foyer. And all I can hear is a hub-bub inside the theatre.
Among the parents and the kids checking out the artworks on display, Howard Matthew, Shopfront’s co-artistic director smiles at me.
‘Sounds fun,’ I say.
‘Fun?’ he says, ‘It’s more like Lord of the Flies!’
‘Yes, well… it sounds fun. Lord of the Flies is fun, except if you are Piggy.’ I reply. Read more

God’s Ear | Pursued By A Bear & Reginald Season at the Seymour Centre


God’s Ear – A new American play by Jenny Schwarz, directed by Jonathan Wald was the final show of the inaugural Reginald Season for 2011 and it was in the last few days of it’s season that I found myself spontaneously in a seat at the Seymour. Read more

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