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Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Tuesday


The Australian Theatre Forum is possibly one of the most significant events on a theatre person’s calender. It is the almighty convergence of venues, companies, organisations, bureaucrats, artists, touring companies. It may appear to be a little strange that an industry which is largely foyer-dwelling and highly present in social media AND practiced in conversation needs such an event.

But it does. Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013


The Australian Theatre Forum.

A theatrical biennale? An industrial schmoozefest? A reminder of time well-spent or mismanaged? A presentation of timely provocations? An excuse to navel gaze? Forced face-time with national digital connections? A convergence of arts companies, artists and beauracrats? Or perhaps a drama camp on steroids… Read more

No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames | Mayday Playwrights Festival

GetInline copy

So when life gives you lemons, you’ve got a choice.
You can either sit there staring at the lemons wondering what it means to be given a lemon, or wishing it was different: a cumquat perhaps… perhaps a bicycle or a love letter…


You can start making lemonade. Read more

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