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After the success of the inaugural Off The Shelf in 2009, Queen Street Studio presents the third Off the Shelf a residency for writers and directors interested in creating original and compelling text based productions for the inaugural Sydney Fringe Festival.
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Opportunity- The Sydney Fringe

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For many who are sweating it out in Adelaide- a fringe adventure is one where the idea must be strong and interesting enough to warrant the logistical and financial wrangling of performers, accomodation, fliers, venue, audiences, travel expenses. Fringe artists, like nomads, travel to Melbourne or Adelaide for such adventures… but now, (at last!) Sydney’s artists get to air their ideas in their home town and dream big in the everyday landscape of their lives and SUCK IT AND SEE.

The Sydney Fringe is imminent and its time to put digits to keyboard and apply! Read more

Opportunity- ArtsLab10 – A Residency for Emerging Artists


Shopfront’s Residency program is open for applications from those artists interested in developing a project in 2010. I am a board member at Shopfront as I believe in its interest in and commitment to developing the arts practice of artists who are under 25. In the last week I have had the great priviledge to have met several applicants who have submitted early applications for the residency program for this year. Last year I attended the Artslab Residency Showing which was simply fantastic. It included a piece by Tim Spencer called “The words they make with their mouths” which is on right now at the Adelaide Fringe. (check it out if you can!)

Shopfront is a fantastic place for emerging artists to make connections with fellow artists and to explore ideas, practice styles under the mentorship of independent theatre director and Shopfront Theatre’s Artistic Associate Michael Piggott. Applications close on March 26 2010. Read more

Cut & Paste- 21st February- The Old Fitz


It’s true that I spend a good deal of my time looking for, creating projects for, promoting new writing talent. In the last 3 years I have created 3 independent projects (Metamor/phases, Brand Spanking New, Stories from the 428) and a script development hothouse (Off the Shelf) culiminating 64 opportunities for writers/directors/actors to develop/practice/ showcase their art. In the middle of all of this- working a full time job, maintaining my relationship and writing for myself and for a company in Canada when I can. I’ve tried to create opportunities that I would want – places of experimentation, colleagiate regard as opposed to competition, places where work can be written, developed and produced within a year (yes- how novel!). How delighted I was when Phil Spencer contacted me about putting a little something forward for Cut and Paste! Read more

AUDITIONS- Stories from the 428


The team from Stories from the 428 are looking for approximately 20 actors of all ages, looks and backgrounds to join us for a two week season at Sidetrack Theatre in March 2010. Read more

Stories from the 428- An introduction

The view from the 428- it's a sign

The view from the 428- it's a sign

It was May last year when I starting thinking about Sidetrack Theatre. I took a half day off from my day job to meet with Don Mamouney and to ask him about the theatre. A couple of weeks prior I had gone to the theatre with Jonathan Wald to see Wayne Tunks’ latest production. Sidetrack had remained a “venue for hire” after it’s funding was cut- and seemed to have occasional shows on- but nothing that splashed loudly in the print media or on the web. It is the theatre which I am geographically closest to. If Belvoir is Mr Waites’ “local”, then “Sidetrack” is certainly mine. Read more

Thinking about Independence

In the last three days- two independent seasons have be launched… BSHARP and GRIFFIN INDEPENDENT unveiled their curatorial picks of the “independent scene” for 2010. Read more

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