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Brand Spanking New 2010 -Week 2 wrap up


It has been weeks since Brand Spanking New 2010 and I have some of the distance of time to reflect on what has been a wonderful season. It is no secret that a lot of work goes into making a project like Brand Spanking New happen… and it’s success relies on each person on the project imbuing their work with a sense of purpose, focus, enthusiasm, time, pride, generosity, flexibility to make it happen. In week 2 of Spankers – that is 9 directors, 9 writers, 6 crew, 35 actors – and it never ceases to amaze me the collective energy of artists. Read more

Brand Spanking New: A celebration of new Australian Writing


Returning to New Theatre for its second exciting season, Brand Spanking New celebrates Australian playwriting by showcasing the work of both emerging and established writers.

Monologues, short plays and excerpts from longer plays, Brand Spanking New is a curated season of the best of contemporary writing – poignant, tender, brave, bold and unapologetically funny.

Week 1
30th September- 3rd October

Homemade written by Vanessa Bates
Directed by Anne-Maree Magi
Performed by Jane Phegan

Queen of the Night by Tamara Asmar
Directed by Jennifer Monk
Performed by Abi Rayment and Tanya Weiler

Fit for a King by Phil Spencer
Directed by Jane Eakin
Performed by Jeremy Just, Chris Leaney, Matt Ford

The Return by Jonathan Gavin
Directed by Augusta Supple
Performed by Matthew Charleston, Natalie Saleeba and Stephen Wilkinson

Measure by Jonathan Ari Lander
Directed by Tanya Dickson
Performed by Suz Mawer and Felino Dolloso

Last Ride by Ross Mueller
Directed by Travis Green
Performed by Peter Talmacs, Dave Kirkham

Matt Lauer by Rick Viede
Directed by Louise Fischer
Performed by Julian Lovick

Week 2
7th October- 10th October

King of the Mountain by Jessica Bellamy
Directed by Scott Selkirk
Performed by Stephen Peacocke and Olivia Solomons

if I could be anything I would be something different by Kit Brookman
Directed by Mark Pritchard
Performed by Eamon Bryant and Daniel Fischer

Lone Bird by Verity Laughton
Directed by Nick Curnow
Performed by Fiona Press, Tim Allen and Bruno Xavier

White Wedding by Sonal Moore
Directed by Sarah Vickery
Performed by Suz Mawer

The Bermuda Love Triangle by Patrick Lenton
Directed by Augusta Supple
Performed by Lucy Goleby, Teik-Kim Pok and Toby Villis

Siberia by Timothy Daly
Directed by Scarlet McGlynn
Performed by Amy Kersey and Brynn Loosemore

Polly Pocket is Not a Princess by Maxine Mellor
Directed by Danielle O’Keefe
Performed by Richard Hilliar and Mairead Bearn

Self Service by Mary Rachel Brown
Directed by Ian Zammit
Performed by Christine Greenough

Brand Spanking New 2009- Meet and Greet

Thanks to the kind folk at the Marlborough Bar in Newtown, despite the heavy rains and blustery conditions- we had an awesome night chatting and getting to know each other- about 40 Brand Spanking New-ers turned up (about half of the whole festival) and here are some highlights taken by photographer Leah McGirr-


Calling All Actors- BRAND SPANKING NEW 2009


We are looking for brave, bright, bold actors to help bring to life works by some of Australia’s bravest, brightest and boldest playwrights!

Bring your headshot, a CV and prepare a brief monologue to perform for the directors. There are approx 50 roles to fill: all ages, looks, levels of experience and backgrounds are encouraged to audition. We have roles for those between 18 years and 70! So why wait? Make an audition time!

Be a part of this amazing celebration- with some of the best emerging and established artists!

Brand Spanking New: A Celebration of New Australian Writing
New Theatre
Season Dates: 30th September – 10th October

Returning to New Theatre for its second exciting season, Brand Spanking New aims to encourage Australian writing for theatre by providing a collaborative environment where both emerging and established writers can develop new projects.

With monologues, short plays and excerpts from a wide variety of styles and genres, Brand Spanking New has around 50 roles for male and female actors of all ages written by some of Australia’s most impressive emerging playwrights Maxine Mellor, Tamara Asmar, Kit Brookman, Phil Spencer, Jessica Bellamy, Sonal Moore, Patrick Lenton and Ari Lander and established award-winning writers including Mary Rachel Brown, Timothy Daly, Rick Viede, Verity Laughton, Vanessa Bates, Ross Mueller and Jonathan Gavin.

Brand Spanking New plays: tender, hauntingly poignant and brutally funny this is the festival which celebrates theatre in all it’s glory!

Including the bravest and boldest emerging directors of the Sydney fringe scene including: Ian Zammit, Jane Eakin, Sarah Vickery, Tanya Dickson, Augusta Supple, Jennifer Monk, Anne-Maree Magi, Scarlet McGlynn, Danielle O’Keefe, Louise Fischer, Nick Curnow, Travis Green, Mark Pritchard, Scott Selkirk

Auditions will be held 12-2pm on Sunday 16th August and 12-5pm on Sunday 23rd August at Fraser Street Studio in Chippendale. Please contact Julia Lenton at to arrange a time!

Celebrating New Australian Writing- Brand Spanking New

I am currently preparing for the season celebrating new Australian writing at New Theatre and I am calling all writers and directors to contact me if they are interested in being a part of this exciting occasion: If youare keen please contact me on Read more


After a rather successful two week run last year, I will be returning to the helm as Season Artistic Director of New Theatre’s Playwright’s festival: Brand Spanking New. Last year included the talents of writers such as:
Jessica Bellamy, Alex Broun, Jo-Anne Cahill, Alexandra Cullen, Joanna Erskine, Patrick Lenton, and Augusta Supple, Van Badham, Hilary Bell, Suzanne Hauser, Tom Holloway, Noelle Janaczewska, Nick Parsons and Lachlan Philpott
And directors: Paul Appleby, Melissa Bruder, Zoe Carides, Nick Curnow, Jane Eakin,Travis Green, Mark Pritchard, Boris Ivanoff, Anne-Maree Magi, Felicity Nicol, Danielle O’Keefe, Kate Revz and Jocelyn Speight
Complimented by a design by Canadian designer Barbara Bryce and local Composer/musician Catherine Robinson.
Who knows what this year’s festival will bring!
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Brand Spanking New 2008: Program Blurb

Brand Spanking New: Program Blurb 2008

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Brand Spanking New Photos

Brand Spanking New 2008 E-card

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