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Helicopter | Melbourne Theatre Company


After being one of the perhaps three people in Sydney to have missed the much acclaimed and awarded “The Dark Room” at Belvoir in 2011, I leaped like a proverbial lizard at the opportunity to see her play Helicopter at Melbourne Theatre Company. Read more

His Girl Friday | Melbourne Theatre Company


Last Saturday night I was at the opening of Simon Stone/ Andrew Upton’s adaptation of Bergman’s Face to Face. On the other side of the state border, another play known as a film is opening at the Melbourne Theatre Company. This is not a comparison. To compare really would be like comparing a motorbike to a penny farthing – both have their place, purpose and era. Read more

‘Double Bill – Master Peter’s Puppet Show’ & What’s Next | Victorian Opera


Relatively new to the experience of Opera (courtesy of Mr James Waites), and a very simple understanding derived from years of Sunday afternoons of Arias (courtesy of my father’s music collection) – I have been impatient to understand the cultural clash and economic friction around opera as an art form. So with the promise of a free ticket and accumulated perspective, I refused all invitations in Sydney for 5 days, packed by bags and flew to Melbourne for Victorian Opera’s Double Bill directed by Nancy Black. Read more

Gifted by Catherine Zimdahl | Play reading at The Arts Platform


I adore Catherine Zimdahl. Read more

WORKSHOP: Write Here, Write Now at The Arts Platform


Here’s an opportunity to get together and do some writing… and on Monday 13th August… it’s PAY WHAT YOU CAN (minimum $2 donation) for a night’s worth of playwriting. Read more

Death of a Salesman | Belvoir


Reflecting on my history with Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman… Read more

Punk Rock | ATYP

Sometimes a play sticks to your ribs and makes it hard to breathe, or hard to move. Read more

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