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A History of Everything | Sydney Theatre Company & Ontroerend Goed & Sydney Festival


I believe that each act in our lives is an act of accidental or considered curation. Curation is a selection process and the end result is that meaning is made – whether accidental or intentional. There is meaning in what we choose. Or meaning that we don’t choose (which, is, actually in itself, a choice).

Meaning is made, regardless. Read more

The Boys | Sydney Festival & Griffin Theatre Company


Grass in the backyard of The Sprague family is bleached blonde by sun and neglect – the usual emblem of a happy, well-cared for family home: a plush green carpet for backyard cricket – is, instead, crisp and struggling. And not unlike the relationships within the house. Read more

I’m Your Man | Belvoir & Sydney Festival


Mirrors. Bleach-white lights. Posters of hulking rolled shouldered men staring through their sweat. Sounds of leather-fisted thuds. The hiss from clenched teeth. Glaze-focused stares. Inspirational slogans scream,

“The more you sweat the less you bleed.” Read more

Carnival of Souls | Sydney Festival & Jumpboard Productions & Riverside Theatres


A large white screen before us. There’s music stands and equipment and such. There’s a booth with a clear glass panel. Before too long, the band arrives first – pouring wine or scotch into mugs – gypsies in suits ready to play a gig. They banter. Actors arrive – the usual air kisses and charisma float about the stage amongst the flash of gasping smiles. A mysterious man with a suitcase retreats into the glass paneled booth.

Lights dim. Read more

Thyestes | Sydney Festival & Carriageworks


So there I was, Read more

Radio Muezzin | Sydney Festival & Seymour Centre & Rimini Protokoll


As the Sydney Festival explodes with various opening nights and outdoor events – like well-considered fireworks – there has been the usual buzz and hum of opinions colliding and clashing in print, in cafes, in foyers, in parks and online. Read more

I’m not grumpy… I’m hopeful… I just think awards suck.


“Augusta Supple: boycotting the Sydney Theatre Awards this evening – instead I will be remembering and celebrating all those artists and shows NOT nominated – including Shannon Murphy & Jane Bodie for This Year’s Ashes, Sam Strong & Christopher Stollery for Speaking in Tongues, Ross Mueller for Zebra… (to name but a few missing champions…)”
I thought I’d share with you a Facebook status that raised some discussion around the value of Award in the theatre.

Many know I really don’t like awards – and I don’t attend them generally. But I want to reassure you all it’s not because I am a twisted, misanthrope – nor because i am “grumpy” as suggested on Twitter this morning, but because I actually think that Awards fail to encapsulate the field of art. Read more

La Putyka | Sydney Festival


Contemporary circus – high energy feats of human strength and eternal endurance with the added possibility someone could really hurt themselves. Awesome. Except when those acrobats are wearing fatsuits. Read more

Buried City | Urban Theatre Projects, Belvoir & Sydney Festival


It’s been a long time since I have seen anything like BURIED CITY. Read more

La Soiree: Featuring the Stars of La Clique | Sydney Opera House


Sometimes, after a day of stress and bother, obligation and chores, you just need to see something spectacular. Read more

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