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Stories from the 428- Week 2

Two very different bus trips by the writers of week 2 inspired tonight’s suite of stories… an astute audience member last week told me that she has figured out something- that week 1 was written when the bus was travelling in the rain… and yes- she is right! Week 2 had several influences- I wonder if the audience will be able to pick the conditions the writers were writing under/up against? Read more

The show must go on – Week 1 – Stories from the 428

Week 1 Cast

Week 1 Cast

Week 1 of Stories from the 428 was a really amazing experience… and I was amazed primarilly at the dedication and ability of so many people to step up and make things happen- to push through all the incidental disappointments, and momentary lapses of memory and awkwardness and to keep going- after all… the show must go on.

For anyone who understands an opening night deadline- this was a doozy! Read more

OPPORTUNITY- Queen St Studio Members

QSS logoRead more

Stories from the 428- Week 1


In eight days time, Sidetrack Theatre will be hosting the first week of Stories from the 428. In under 3 months, two groups (a cluster perhaps?) of 8 writers will have created two full length works – which have been auditioned for by 150 actors, rehearsed by 8 directors and finally staged at Sidetrack Theatre, in the Addison road centre…

Largely this has been a playground for theatre practitioners: writers- given permission to write hatever they want (to a maximum of 12 minutes) and know that whatever they offer, will be staged. Directors- given actors, time, space and scripts with which to work. Actors- given a chance at being a part of an exclusive Australian premiere. Designers- given the chance and the challenge to create for 32 vignettes…

Over the past 6 weeks, I have been asked “where did the idea for this project come from?” and “what’s it about”… to which I take a deep breath and reply- community. Read more

Practise your Practice


Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers examines the reasons or causes behind people who are high acheivers- the thesis goes onto explain that for any person to be a leader in their field, they need to accrue 10,000 hours of practice in their given field. Gladwell sites the practise of The Beatles (who played 8 hours straight in Hamburg 5 days a week) and Bill Gates (who used to sneak into his local university at 2am to work on Computers as a teenage boy) … its a fascinating idea- and a hypothesis that rings true in the realm of the theatre. Read more

Death in Bowengabbie| Arts Radar & Tamarama Rock Surfers


It was said to Arthur Miller that the inclusion of “Death” in the title of his play “Death of a Salesman” would damage audience attendence as no one would want to see a play that so clearly telegraphed the end of the play… and that it would be somewhat depressing… However, since it’s first production, Miller’s play has gone onto be performed constantly somewhere in the world at any given point in time- highlighting the fact that sometimes theatre managers/script editors should perhaps hold their tongues… Read more

If there is one thing I know for certain- never EVER under estimate Van Badham


I’ve known Van Badham for a few years- first encountering her name in a newspaper article in 2006 about Australian Plays and then commissioning her in 2008 for the inaugural Brand Spanking New at New Theatre where she delivered a horrifyingly beautiful crass masterpiece directed by current VCA directing student Mark Pritchard. She has launched and promoted more artists from Wollongong than is possible to mention and she is a playwright with unparalleled distinction and energy… and one who’s movements in the world and in theatre I lovingly track through the medium of Facebook. Read more

Stories from the 428- THE LAUNCH


Stories from the 428 launched last night- with the help from our friends at the Coopers Hotel in Newtown, Marrickville Council, ACTT and Queen Street Studio- writers, directors, designers, crew came together to have a few drinks, to meet the people who they will be working with in the next 3-4 weeks. This launch was for the participants… United by a love of theatre, new Australian Playwriting and buses- nearly 100 local artists are starting rehearsals this week.

428 launch
Read more

Nigel Kennedy- Bach and The Duke


My posts have been infrequent since February began- mainly because I have been busy with all things around my current production- Stories from the 428- and barely have I had time for seeing shows- let alone reflecting on line about them. In my busy schedule, which often involves seeing up to 5 theatre productions a week- and when in production as I am right now- I spend days on end computer in lap, coffee in hand, managing spreadsheets, budgets, creative imput, publicity, dramaturgy, casting the shows I am directing, reading scripts and all things related to the creation of a brand new show (or in this case a collection of shows)… rarely do I give myself permission to stop. To rest. To be filled up and nourished. And that is why, in truth, I have a Sydney Symphony subscription. This subscription is vital in my mental, spiritual growth, my understanding of the arts, my development as an artist- but above all else permission to turn off my phone, get away from my computer and surrender to the perfection of someone else’s craft- music.Tonight’s welcome surrender came in the guise of the masculine swaggering, sutlry voiced Nigel Kennedy with his virtuousic talent as the worlds most loved and respected violinist. Read more

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