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Register for Gavin Clarke’s PHYSICAL COMMUNICATION IN PERFORMANCE Toolkit Workshop by this Wednesday (5pm March 31) and get your best-buddy in for free!


That’s right – 2 for the price of 1… (and your buddy doesn’t even have to be a member)… Baaaaaaaaaargin!

To claim this discount, register by following this link: http://www.queenstreetstudio.com/toolkit.html and enter “2for1” in the organisation field on the form.

Perfect gift for a friend – or a great kick-start to that “I must do some professional development training this year” promise you made yourself…

How could you pass the opportunity for great training when the price is under $6 per hour??? What madness!!! Tax deductible too… holy-hell!

So what’s it all about? Let Gavin speak for himself…

“In this TOOLKIT workshop series Gavin will be exploring the art of physical communication for the context of stage performance. Using skills derived from contact improvisation (a form of improvised partner dancing) the workshop will look at how to; improve non-verbal communication between performers and the new pathways that can be discovered by combining the momentum and intention of two or more people in a balanced relationship. There are no physical requirements as in this practice the participants move with the bodies that they have, as they are, at any given time. By the end of the series participants should feel comfortable moving/dancing with partners of any size, shape and physical ability. The workshop series will begin by looking at safe partnering practices and then developing skills that are particularly useful in creating new movement/choreograph/blocking with the potential for high levels of physicality and a strong sense of connection. Participants in this workshop will be coming into contact with other people. You will need comfortable clothing that are easy to move in and potential changes of clothes if things get too sweaty. You might want to bring knee-pads as some of the work will be done on the ground.”

Gavin Clarke’s PHYSICAL COMMUNICATION IN PERFORMANCE workshops are on Wednesday evenings 6pm – 9pm throughout April @ FraserStudios.