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OPPORTUNITY | EOI in Arcade Assembly | Shopfront

Arcade Assembly

An opportunity to work on a project/network with artists and get a small travel stipend and free rehearsal/workshop space?
Awesome… especially with the Sydney Fringe coming up – especially with the cost of real-estate in Sydney!!! Check out this letter from Shopfront inviting artists to assist in the delivery of Shopfront’s major Project Arcade Assembly:
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Calling out to artists interested in… A View From Moving Windows


So often independent shows are put together through quiet coffee dates or in the corners of a foyer through established networks. I like to build a creative team around a project mixing together artists I know (and have worked with previously) and inviting artists to express their interests in a project. I like to throw open the possibilities and meet new people. For me building teams of artists and developing new connections and discovering new talent is one of the great joys of working in theatre. Read more

Porn.Cake | Michael Sieders and Griffin Independent


I see it everyday. The rise of reinvented recent history – retro frocks and hair shining with brill cream – bright red lipstick and curled hair, petticoated skirts. After the power suits of the 80s, the nihlism of the 90s and the electronica of the 00s, it seems now we are in an age of instant and direct digital connection, there is a desire for something we may feel we’ve lost. Read more

Theatre history is cool/ why I’m a nerd

Old Tote

I am, like everyone, a little too busy. Somewhat self-imposed. And somewhat ridiculous. Read more

Out of sight, out of mind OR does absence makes the heart grow fonder?


A late night message from a writerly type questioned my recent aloofness of late – though I have managed to keep up with boring my friends on Facebook with my music taste and announcing the writers on my next project via Twitter – I have been a little aloof (I refer to it as “feeling small”) in foyers and online. Read more

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