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Inside Out | Seymour Centre


I am a fan of Mary Rachel Brown’s work. She is a playwright who has won several awards in recent times… including the 2006 Max Afford Award and the 2006 Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting and more recently the 2008 Rodney Seaborn Playwright’s Award, which she was awarded for “Inside Out.” Read more

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll- New Theatre


As many of us look around us, it is clear to see that what we are living, is the nightmarish consequences of an infantile mindset. Written in 1953 – the year my parents were born this is a facinating play which I have the great honour to be working on as Assistant Director. This is one of the great plays of the Australian cannon, which shows us how far we have come and how little we have changed… Read more

OFF THE SHELF: post show report

ots-gus1It was a wonderful night in a warehouse in Chippendale: the only request I made of the heavens was that rain didn’t happen between the hours of 6pm-8:30pm… for no other reason except for the tin roof that has no insulation and would completely drown out the words of the writers… of course if did rain and in the spirit of the show must go on: the shows did go on… as 50 people moved their chairs from the showing space in studio 14 to studio 10. Read more


After a rather successful two week run last year, I will be returning to the helm as Season Artistic Director of New Theatre’s Playwright’s festival: Brand Spanking New. Last year included the talents of writers such as:
Jessica Bellamy, Alex Broun, Jo-Anne Cahill, Alexandra Cullen, Joanna Erskine, Patrick Lenton, and Augusta Supple, Van Badham, Hilary Bell, Suzanne Hauser, Tom Holloway, Noelle Janaczewska, Nick Parsons and Lachlan Philpott
And directors: Paul Appleby, Melissa Bruder, Zoe Carides, Nick Curnow, Jane Eakin,Travis Green, Mark Pritchard, Boris Ivanoff, Anne-Maree Magi, Felicity Nicol, Danielle O’Keefe, Kate Revz and Jocelyn Speight
Complimented by a design by Canadian designer Barbara Bryce and local Composer/musician Catherine Robinson.
Who knows what this year’s festival will bring!
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When the Rain Stops Falling| Brink Productions and Sydney Theatre Company

I first encountered Brink Productions very early on in their inception: I was a robust and angsty Performance Studies Student in 1999.. and we were witness to BRINKs workshop of Heiner Muller’s Quartet under the direction of Holger Teschke: the then Artistic Director of the Berliner Ensemble. And I spent a full week silently watching a Vicoria Hill, Michaela Cantwell and Patrick Dixon amongst others play in a room 8 hours a day with the text. Now here is a show which has been in development for 4 years… and I was keen to see what had transpired over the last 10 years.
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Off The Shelf- Queen St Studio- 3 weeks to go!

The first showcase for OFF THE SHELF, a playwriting hothouse run by Queen Street Studio is less than three weeks away.
Plans are in motion, catering is being ordered, invites are being sent out.. and soon 5 new works by local artists will be on show for all to see….
“Gravity Waves” by Will Snow, Directed by Jonathan Wald
“Yellow Brick Road” by Bridget Price, Directed by Mark Pritchard
“Retale” by Patrick Lenton, Directed by Anne-Maree Magi
“a road maybe, at night maybe” by Kit Brookman, Directed by Amy Satchell
“Boxing Day” by Phil Spencer, Directed by Scarlet McGlynn

If you’d like more details on the showcase, artists or OFF THE SHELF program please don’t hesitate to contact me

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