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Cut Snake | Arthur & The Seymour Centre & The Sydney Fringe


It was all a bit of a weird week. Since arriving back in Brisbane I had started to fill up my diary with little blue tags (indicates “show to see”) and the Fringe invites were coming thick and fast – and opening night invites to Fringe shows popping up in my in box the night before. Research and calculation ensued. I had to try and sort out what I was seeing where and when, with whom and why – did I know them? Is this a friends show? Is it a new Australian play? Is it something I might learn from or enjoy? Dismayed at the thought of missing out on so much due to limited time and logistics it was by chance that a reminder email encouraged me to take a second look at my schedule and see if I could fit in Cut Snake by Paige Rattray’s new and exciting company, Arthur. Read more



You think that now the fringe is nearly over, or we are nearing the festive part of the year that all performing opportunities are over? You are sad (and slightly panicked you’re without a project until next year? You suspect that the string of auditions you’ve been heading to are a bit dull and obvious and you doubt ever being challenged as an actor ever again.

Oh ye of little faith!! Don’t be so dismayed! There is an opportunity that has popped up that you might want to check out… and guess what? It’s PAID WORK!!!

Check out the Audition notice from SHH below:

CALL OUT: Looking for Performers/devisors
A new performance by Shh Hybrid Arts called “How to lose sight”

About the show Read more

Reminders/advice for myself (and other artists I know)


More than ever before in my artistic life, I have been asking myself what it means to live as an artist – not work as an artist (that is an entirely different question) – but how should one live?

When starting a project I always let the people I’m working with know a few of my ground rules: Read more

Mongrel | Sydney Fringe & The Spinster and The Whippet


David and Saskia sit in a lounge room hemmed with VHS tapes of Disney classics and still in their plastic-wrap board games. It isn’t long before David (Terry Serio) quizzes Saskia (Jenna Martin) on the finer details of her job – extracting money from people for “Earthaid.” She saving up, she has plans to “go somewhere”, but there’s something not quite right here. Read more

3QUARED = 9 Fantastic Fabrications (Program B) | PACT & SYDNEY FRINGE


A mild night after a sweltering spring day caught some punters unaware – and PACT is traditionally one venue for which you don’t want to forget your cardigan.

You could be forgiven thinking that PACT’s second suite of Fringe offerings should not be called “Program B” but rather “The Wollongong Invasion.” The majority of the works hail from Wollongong University graduates – a powerful throng of theatre makers inspired by the likes of Chris Ryan and Tim Maddocks. Read more

Rules Of Play | Tin Sheds Gallery


It is a little hidden among the hubbub of The Sydney Fringe (which overwhelms and fatigues even the most enthusiastic punter with it’s stranglehold over art events of the Inner West) but a new group show/residency at Tin Sheds Gallery is a lovely collision of worlds. Read more

Boxing Day | TinShed Theatre Company & MAKEbeLIVE & Tamarama Rock Surfers


If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that Christmas is one of the most difficult days of the year. The lead up is nearly unbearable – constant glitter and sparkles and fairylights and images of a poor but happy Jewish family nursing a blonde boy lying in straw, or worse – a rosy cheeked Coca-cola Santa winking with his all-knowing judgement. It’s a stressful time of year. And to be honest, I don’t like it.

Luckily, the latest offering from Phil Spencer’s pen (or printer cartridge) is not Christmas Day – Read more

Bite Size | IPAN & The Sydney Fringe


I’m going to declare a few things here – If anyone loves playwright lead projects it’s me. Getting work up and out into the world should be the reponsibility of all artists. Read more

A quick note on my Brisbane Festival experience


After my first day in Brisbane at the Australian Theatre Forum I was keen to kick back and soak up the Brisbane Festival offerings. I had very casually glanced over the program for The Brisbane Festival and Under the Radar – and had really no idea what I should see. Read more



(A ha! How the tables turn! Wesley Enoch late to his own session! And who can blame him – it was nearly impossible in our punch drunk state to come inside away from the river and re-engage yet again with the issues facing our sector.)

In the final session of the Australian Theatre Forum it was time to descend into the VISY for the summing up of the findings hosted by Anni Davey and Wesley Enoch to reveal the democratically decided issues considered by the delegates to be most pressing. Read more

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