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World Theatre Day 2012…


You know what? There’s a world theatre day… and why shouldn’t there be?

It sounds a bit poncy – even a bit quaint – or even unbelievable when I say ‘I work in theatre.’ And sometimes, when at bars, or parties with scientists or dentists or on buses the question that bounces back is ‘which one’ and I respond ‘all of them.’ Read more

Introducing… Shopfront’s Artslab Residents 2012


It is an absolute thrill to watch the emergence of an artist – to be audience to their imagination and to feel the verve and excitement of their proliferating possibilities. Read more

2 One Another | Sydney Dance Company


As a new Australian play enthusiast, obsessed and surrounded by text (constantly), a visit to the Sydney Dance Company’s latest work 2 One Another was to stimulate and relax in a delightful text free zone. A zone free from the glare of my computer screen with it’s pixels and light… with words, words, words.

Oh the ignorant assumptions of a text-based theatre enthusiast! Read more

Muffin Recipe for the home-bound artist (Or productive procrastination)

banana muffin

So we’re all a little overextended at the moment. Grants applications are due, acquittals are due (or overdue), deadlines are looming…

And sometimes it’s just a bit much. And sometimes you need a hot, moist muffin, immediately!!! Read more

ACTORS SKILL UP: Masterclass – Finding “Character” in Shakespeare’s Verbal Music


So.. you’re an actor being asked to prepare a monologue for an audition? Or you want to work with Bell Shakespeare Company but find it all a bit daunting… or you plan to audition for an acting school at the end of the year… perhaps this will help you out? Read more

The New Electric Ballroom | Siren Theatre Company & Griffin Independent


The streets of Sydney are a strange place, at times. Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | What are our Favourite Playwright’s Favourite Plays?


The final session of the day: Read more

OPPORTUNITY: Open Source Legs on the Wall


Open Source is here Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | Fringe Benefits


My internal monologue whilst I sat on the panel for NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival’s Fringe Benefits panel. Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | Handing Over The Baby


A few reflection on the playwright’s journey. The session focused on how to get your writing on – and bits of advice for writers hoping to get started and survive the new-play terrain… Read more

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