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NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | Reviewers V The Reviewed


And I shall continue the report of the NSW Writers’ Centre’s Playwrights Festival 2012… Read more

OPPORTUNITY: Masterclass for Devisors with Rosie Dennis


Shopfront – A Contemporary Arts & Performance Space for Under 25s
March 24 & 25| Master Class with Rosie Dennis
Create original work with one of Australia’s finest writer/ performers РRosie Dennis. Read more

Importance of Being Earnest Dragons And Other Classic Tales As Told An Octopus | Old Fitzroy Hotel theatre


As I write this, I want you to imagine me (or a version of me that your imagination fancies) dressed in a red velvet smoking jacket, a silk cravat. I want you to imagine me sitting in a book lined room, with a side table heavy with dusty tomes. Perhaps a crystal sherry glass by my side? A fire cracking and popping nearby – lighting my face with an autumnal, sunset glow… Now, imagine I am an octopus. Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | The Changing Face of Australian Playwriting


A report or sorts (and my thoughts) on the very tame discussion about “The Changing Face of Australian Playwriting.” Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival


Saturday was full of rain and puddles, and shiny wet leaves and vigorous discussions about play writing and culture. Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | Today’s the day…

NSW Writers Centre

I remain in awe, in love and astounded by Australian playwrights. Their strength of character, their will to continue – their bloody-minded defiance of any one who says it’s all been said and done before. Read more

Tippety-tap… the Gentle Art of Blogging (A note to Belvoir)


Theatre blogging. It’s the hot topic at the moment, it seems. Read more

100 Years of Lizards | Sexy Tales Comedy Collective At The Old 505 Theatre


As artists from around Australia prepare to make their way to the Fringe Festival or APAM or to visit relatives in Adelaide, The Old 505 Theatre has been hosting a series of showings. After a cold and accoustically challenging outing at Underbelly Arts Festival (Cockatoo Island), a hot’n’ready showing at Crack Theatre Festival (TINA, Newcastle), 100 Years of Lizards crawled with their glimmering tales into the dark and quirky surrounds of The Old 505 Theatre. Read more

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