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Arcade Assembly | Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance

Arcade Assembly

The major project at Shopfront is always an adventure – previous years have seen the creative team infiltrate outdoor areas, create whole pop-up villages and go on outback road trips. This year local and closer to home the old dance hall/mechanic shop which has been the home of Shopfront for over 35 years was completely over-run by the work of one hundred artists (young people) who had made a complete arcade out of cardboard – games, installations, interactive moments with people or slingshots, dance machines, wheels of fortune. A craft table where you make your own avatar. Messages of reassurance. Diagnoses and cures. A dance party with strangers. Read more

On the Misconception of Oedipus | Malthouse Theatre


On prompting from Adelaide’s lady of blogging/twittery sass, Jane Howard, and casual agreement amongst my dear colleagues Alison Croggon and Cameron Woodhead I decided to spend my few unscheduled hours in Melbourne at the Malthouse to catch On the Misconception of Oedipus. Read more

A Hoax | Griffin Theatre Company & La Boite Theatre

HOAX_ProdPageHeroShot_330x400Read more

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