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“Hey. We’ve gotta talk about this” | Issues in/with new writing


“Write what you know.”

The first rule of thumb for anyone interested in writing anything. This applies to birthday cards right through to grand epic fictions or a boutique thesis on an obscure historical peccadillo.

It is rapidly followed by the next question:
“What do you know?”

And then swiftly after that,
“How do you know that?”

And then:
“Who are you to write that anyway?” Read more

Writing Bad | Australian Plays and the Critical Conversation


I’m not a journalist. I’m not an academic. I’m not a lawyer.

I’m an artist.

I’m an artist who has sat in a very weird place in the Australian theatre landscape somewhere between producer and critic, emerging and established, between fan and assessor, audient and philanthropist, administrator and promoter. It’s not due to a lack of rigor – or ability to commit to one thing. My attention is not diluted nor compromised because of my sprawling embrace of all things art and culture. In fact, it’s intensified. There is little else I could imagine that could exercise my heart, my mind so intensely and so perfectly. Read more

For What It’s Worth/ The grass may appear greener/ This isn’t about Melissa George


There has always been something in me that has preferred the road less traveled. Perhaps it was the wild and meandering bush walks with my grandfather when I was a young girl, or perhaps the fear of suburban numbness or apathetic complacency resulting in a death bed drenched in tears of regret. And despite a socialist/atheist upbringing I’ve always held the Protestant work ethic in high regard: hard work will be rewarded, and is indeed a reward in itself. I’ve thought if something was worth having, you had to earn it eg, good bread comes from kneading, good friendships come from the quality and quantity of time spent together, the pride one has in one’s work is directly related to the amount of effort invested.

I don’t know why.

I guess it’s just how/who I am.

It’s not really surprising that I also don’t believe, nor repeat, much of the cultural-cringe worthy sentiments from my industry peers. I’ve never really followed popular beliefs about anything, really. Read more

A reminder amidst the grant writing flurry


It’s grant writing time – today there are grants due in an there is a strange tension in the air – emails are answered in curt monosyllablic sentences, phones answered with unexpected vocal volume, facebook is fairly uninspiring and twitter is slow and rudimentary. We are all huddled listening to our thoughts, pecking away at keyboards racing to be coherent and elligible by the deadline.

I have given myself a 20 minute window to write this. I’m not re-reading, spell checking this. This is a raw post. Read more

Theatre: what it’s taught me about love


This short note is completely inspired by Sam Strong’s recent Griffin newsletter: Read more

Afternoon tea with Emma Magenta at Esther’s Table

Follow The Muse

Follow The Muse

It had been a tough weekend. The usual existential crises, and rambunctious joy that only a hearty dose of Eurovision can bring. And so it was necessary to take a break – a tea break – a tea break of reassuring proportions. Read more

Arts and Public Life Breakfast with Sally Burton


I love Currency House – and I have the bookcase to prove it. Read more

The NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2012


Ah… literature. What is it good for?

Steven Pinker, in a recent talk claims that the world has become more peaceful and that we are living in a relatively less violent era than before. Though I don’t exactly agree with him on every point (aspects of sample size and specifics of what is considered a “violent” act) – I do find it fascinating that the two most significant pacifying influences are the formation of government and the enlightenment (with its increased literacy and civilising artistic pursuits). Read more

Working with playwrights Write Here, Write Now

Some people look at a few hundred dollars as the cost of a flight to New Zealand, or a modest bill at a fancy restaurant, or perhaps the cost of a cheap suit or an outrageous hair treatment from an innerwest hairdresser. I don’t. A few hundred dollars for me is the start of something new.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve not really been the lonely holiday/pricey food/cheap suit/hair treatment type of person.

The options for me as an artist are few and far between – if I wait for the results of funding rounds – or to be granted a residency somewhere – I will never ever do anything.

I’m not good at that.
Read more

AWESOME DEAL: The Arts Platform Space for Skills Program

Arts Platform: Space for Skills

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Oh how I love new ventures! I adore starting something new and fresh… do you? Well! Here’s your chance. Read more

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