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Celebrating New Australian Writing- Brand Spanking New

I am currently preparing for the season celebrating new Australian writing at New Theatre and I am calling all writers and directors to contact me if they are interested in being a part of this exciting occasion: If youare keen please contact me on Read more

Savage River| Griffin Theatre/MTC/TTC

When lights dim and the performance starts there is clicking of black riverbed stones as boots march and grubby feet scamper. Read more

The Duel |Thin Ice and STC


I have found this rather a difficult production to review as I must declare: this really isn’t my thing. I recently had the epic wonder of experiencing Elevator Repair Service’s The Gatz at The Sydney Opera House: an 8 hour theatre experience of The Great Gatsby which was nothing but a sublime once in a lifetime theatrical experience (which I will write up soon). This however, was not quite a reading, not quite a staging, not quite theatrical: though surrounded in theatrical devices and conceits. So here is my review… in which I question the effectiveness of this chapter of Dostoevsky adapted for stage. This is where I am the conservative reviewer: if it aint broke why fix it? Read more

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