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Wrap up of Stories From the 428- Week 2


It’s been a week since week 2 of Stories from the 428 closed- and I thought it would be nice/handy or interesting to write a little reflection on Week 2- and perhaps on the whole reflection of the project. I am in the process of de-briefing with all the directors about the project (and the process) – and this is always an important part of everything I do- it helps steer my projects, my design, my plan and focuses my passion for new work. Read more

Stories from the 428- Week 2

Two very different bus trips by the writers of week 2 inspired tonight’s suite of stories… an astute audience member last week told me that she has figured out something- that week 1 was written when the bus was travelling in the rain… and yes- she is right! Week 2 had several influences- I wonder if the audience will be able to pick the conditions the writers were writing under/up against? Read more

The show must go on – Week 1 – Stories from the 428

Week 1 Cast

Week 1 Cast

Week 1 of Stories from the 428 was a really amazing experience… and I was amazed primarilly at the dedication and ability of so many people to step up and make things happen- to push through all the incidental disappointments, and momentary lapses of memory and awkwardness and to keep going- after all… the show must go on.

For anyone who understands an opening night deadline- this was a doozy! Read more

Stories from the 428- Week 1


In eight days time, Sidetrack Theatre will be hosting the first week of Stories from the 428. In under 3 months, two groups (a cluster perhaps?) of 8 writers will have created two full length works – which have been auditioned for by 150 actors, rehearsed by 8 directors and finally staged at Sidetrack Theatre, in the Addison road centre…

Largely this has been a playground for theatre practitioners: writers- given permission to write hatever they want (to a maximum of 12 minutes) and know that whatever they offer, will be staged. Directors- given actors, time, space and scripts with which to work. Actors- given a chance at being a part of an exclusive Australian premiere. Designers- given the chance and the challenge to create for 32 vignettes…

Over the past 6 weeks, I have been asked “where did the idea for this project come from?” and “what’s it about”… to which I take a deep breath and reply- community. Read more

Stories from the 428- THE LAUNCH


Stories from the 428 launched last night- with the help from our friends at the Coopers Hotel in Newtown, Marrickville Council, ACTT and Queen Street Studio- writers, directors, designers, crew came together to have a few drinks, to meet the people who they will be working with in the next 3-4 weeks. This launch was for the participants… United by a love of theatre, new Australian Playwriting and buses- nearly 100 local artists are starting rehearsals this week.

428 launch
Read more

An update on 428 and a reason for the old columns


Just a really quick note as I am about to prepare to address the beautiful, splendid, vibrant, diverse and talent group of practitioners I have been building for “Stories From the 428.” I’ll talk about more in a second- But first I thought I would explain what my old Artshub columns are doing up front on this website. Read more

Stories from the 428| THE WRITERS

For some, summer is a time for squeaky sand between the toes, stinging sunburn and relaxing in a resort… for me – the summer of 09/10 will forever be remembered as the summer I spent talking about buses. In a three week period I have been meeting and greeting playwrights and directors who have expressed interest in a project I am heading called “Stories from the 428”. Read more

Stories from the 428


Always dreaming up new projects and always on trains or buses- I began thinking what an amazing social phenomenon public transport is.. how we are forced into intimate situations with strangers who we wouldn’t necessarilly choose to sit next to skin-to-skin, nor choose to hear moments of their phone or general conversation – yet we are often in close proximity to strangers. Read more

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