Just a really quick note as I am about to prepare to address the beautiful, splendid, vibrant, diverse and talent group of practitioners I have been building for “Stories From the 428.” I’ll talk about more in a second- But first I thought I would explain what my old Artshub columns are doing up front on this website.

I must admit I am a dreadfully practical person (its why I wear so much black)- and that one of the reasons this site exists is to collate and contain all my internet scriblings (across 4 different websites in four years) and try to order and add sense to my multi-facetted theatrical pursuits. I was triggered to digg up and insert the columns this morning mainly prompted by David Williams’ comment on James Waites’ site about the Sydney Festival- and I remembered I made a remark in 2007 that Sydney Festival should be renamed the Sydney International Arts Festival because it doesn’t contain much if any local talent- and ensuing pithy snipes about the artists in Sydney are who we order coffee off and not who we see in the theatres… (and I still recognise this as largely true).

But looking through those columns are really a glance at my yearning for belonging and finding a place in the industry- and trying to figure out what I wanted from my career as an unknown ex-ex-pat returning to Australia. And I must say that though I wince at my dreadful type-os and clunky sentences (nothings changed in three years)- I am really surprised at how I had forgotten how I have developed my practice in the last 3 years and made my commitment to the development, appreciation and celebration of new Australian plays. And how much time I spend thinking about new work and its larger social implications… but before I drown in the big picture….

The Stories from the 428 is rattling on beautifully… and tonight I am gearing up to address the writers (and some of the directors) about the project. There are always bits that need ironing out and schedules change and modify- but its a pretty thrilling experience being able to dream an idea, offer talented people space to explore and experiment and see what happens. Happy to announce the following team so far:

Writers: Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates, Kit Brookman, Rebecca Clarke, Tahli Corin, Matt Edgerton, Joanna Erskine, Lexi Frieman, Noelle Janaczewska, Sime Knezevic, Patrick Lenton, Ned Manning, Jasper Marlow, Alison Rooke, Brooke Robinson and Phil Spencer.

Directors: Louise Fischer, Augusta Supple, Zoe Carides, Scott Selkirk, Ian Zammit, Anne-Maree Magi, Ngaire O’Leary

Creative Producer: Augusta Supple
Production Manager/ Technical Producer: PJ Gahan
Designer: Gemma-Lark Johnson
Sound Designer: Jeremy Silver
Lighting Designer: Miles Thomas
Sponsorship Coordinator: Gavin Roach
Publicity/Marketing: Julia Lenton
Stage Manager: Alison Murphy-Oats

Anyway- that’s my update- and I must say I am thrilled and energised and ready to confront the 428 head-on! Let the fun begin!