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OPPORTUNITY | EOI in Arcade Assembly | Shopfront

Arcade Assembly

An opportunity to work on a project/network with artists and get a small travel stipend and free rehearsal/workshop space?
Awesome… especially with the Sydney Fringe coming up – especially with the cost of real-estate in Sydney!!! Check out this letter from Shopfront inviting artists to assist in the delivery of Shopfront’s major Project Arcade Assembly:
Read more

Calling out to artists interested in… A View From Moving Windows


So often independent shows are put together through quiet coffee dates or in the corners of a foyer through established networks. I like to build a creative team around a project mixing together artists I know (and have worked with previously) and inviting artists to express their interests in a project. I like to throw open the possibilities and meet new people. For me building teams of artists and developing new connections and discovering new talent is one of the great joys of working in theatre. Read more

Arts and Public Life Breakfast with Sally Burton


I love Currency House – and I have the bookcase to prove it. Read more

The NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2012


Ah… literature. What is it good for?

Steven Pinker, in a recent talk claims that the world has become more peaceful and that we are living in a relatively less violent era than before. Though I don’t exactly agree with him on every point (aspects of sample size and specifics of what is considered a “violent” act) – I do find it fascinating that the two most significant pacifying influences are the formation of government and the enlightenment (with its increased literacy and civilising artistic pursuits). Read more

ACTORS SKILL UP: Masterclass – Finding “Character” in Shakespeare’s Verbal Music


So.. you’re an actor being asked to prepare a monologue for an audition? Or you want to work with Bell Shakespeare Company but find it all a bit daunting… or you plan to audition for an acting school at the end of the year… perhaps this will help you out? Read more

OPPORTUNITY: Open Source Legs on the Wall


Open Source is here Read more



Just passing on bits and pieces that have landed in my inbox/phone/facebook account… Read more

OPPORTUNITY | AUDITIONS -100 Years of Lizards


My friend and colleague Patrick Lenton and the Sexy Tales Comedy Collective is looking for a delightfully talented actor to adventure to Adelaide with them. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless I thought you might have a very fun and rewarding experience. Read more

OPPORTUNITY: ARTSLAB 2012 Applications now open | Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance

SHopfront logo[1]

Applications are open to artists aged between 18-25 who are interested in developing new work in the areas of – writing, directing, performance, multimedia, visual arts, music/composition, collaborative community arts, movement and design. Read more



You think that now the fringe is nearly over, or we are nearing the festive part of the year that all performing opportunities are over? You are sad (and slightly panicked you’re without a project until next year? You suspect that the string of auditions you’ve been heading to are a bit dull and obvious and you doubt ever being challenged as an actor ever again.

Oh ye of little faith!! Don’t be so dismayed! There is an opportunity that has popped up that you might want to check out… and guess what? It’s PAID WORK!!!

Check out the Audition notice from SHH below:

CALL OUT: Looking for Performers/devisors
A new performance by Shh Hybrid Arts called “How to lose sight”

About the show Read more

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