My friend and colleague Patrick Lenton and the Sexy Tales Comedy Collective is looking for a delightfully talented actor to adventure to Adelaide with them. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless I thought you might have a very fun and rewarding experience.

So… if you want an excuse to say you’ve performed (perhaps as a lizard) at The Adelaide Fringe – this one’s for you…

AUDITION NOTICE – 100 Years of Lizards

A new play written and produced by Patrick Lenton
Directed by Ngaire O’Leary
An official selection of the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Sexy Tales Comedy Collective are looking for a female actor aged 20-30 to play a variety of roles in the new play 100 Years of Lizards.

Developed as part of Underbelly Arts Festival and performed at Crack Theatre Festival, 100 Years of Lizards is touring to the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Sexy Tales Collective are a group of artists dedicated to bringing the weird, absurd and most of all, riotously funny to the stage.

Performance Dates:
1st – 17th March 2012 at The Maid, Adelaide.

Rehearsal Dates:
November 2011- February 2012 Schedule TBA.
Also, further hours for promo work are required.

Audition Times:
Saturday 19th November 3-6pm

For an Audition slot please contact Patrick Lenton:

Millions of years ago, a race of lizards warred against the dinosaurs and won. Now the guilty and chameleonic remnants of that race live on a small island off the coast of Australia, where an obsessed scientist and a lonely ranger are dedicated to studying them. After their funding is threatened, they open the island up to the exuberant and also flagrantly evil host of a travel television show, who likes to ritualistically eat rare animals to remain young forever.
Add a maverick lizard King rebellion and a creepy cold blooded love triangle, and you’ve got a classic tale of good versus evil and more importantly lizard versus lizard. A theatrical mishmash told through sketch and song, 100 Years of Lizards used to be big in the Triassic but was wiped out by a comet of talent.

Character Breakdown:

Janet the Scientist Lady:An obsessive lizard scientist with a dark past.
The Lizard Queen: Ancient matriarch Queen of the lizard people who is an avowed pacifist.
Helmsly: A downtrodden man servant.
Lord Frankleston:A pompous man of science from the past.

The play is being produced on a Co-op basis. Actors will receive a share of any profits that are made. This is a great opportunity to be a part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and to work with the fun-loving, behemoths of eccentricity that is the Sexy Tales Comedy Collective.