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Like A Fishbone | Griffin Theatre Company & Sydney Theatre Company


It’s not easy taking a punt on a new play, and the scariest punt imaginable is the play which is absolutely positively new and from an absolutely positively new writer. In this case the sleight of hand is interesting: and the context is interesting. The Griffin Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company have joined forces to produce Anthony Weigh’s new play “Like a Fishbone.” Read more

Auditions, Writer & Director Opportunities & Ticket Offers


Sick of winter? Looking for something to do? Want to make some new friends? Want to get involved… want to see an awesome show? Here’s some suggestions for you… Read more

Macquarie| Alex Buzo Company & Parramatta Riverside Theatres


History. I love it. I love the sense of nostalgia, the 20/20 vision hindsight brings… I love how histories are told- filtered through time and delivered to a listener who may live the effects of a great event- but may not know the tiny steps that have lead us here. I’m a nerd. I must admit that I have, on occasion, found solace in Thucydides- a dogeared copy of the History of the Peloponnesian War sits on my bedside table. I think about the civilisations that have been built- the cultures that have evolved and I stand in awe at the how little people change. How time passes. I find it comforting. Read more

Stood down for Standing up for what he believes in…


Never underestimate facebook to keep you up to date with everyone’s personal details (your ex-boyfriend’s imminent parenthood) to the professional (B-Sharp ending at the end of 2010)…

And now… the standing down of John McCallum from the University of New South Wales was announced to me by Facebook. Read more

The Cost of Independence


Theatre is the occupation of romantic nerds.

We believe in ideas. We believe that ideas can change people- and people can change the world. We are, as Alana Valentine suggested in her key note speech last year, conservatives- we love to conserve what we have. We are loyal. We feel the injustice when loyalty is betrayed or abused. We believe that there is nothing more powerful than the potential of space. We are compelled to express ourselves in an ancient art form which we participate in with other people, for other people. Read more

B-Sharp or B- Flat?

Belvoir Doors

I’d just come home from seeing Bell Shakespeare’s Actors At Work’s Hamlet Intensive (written by Ned Manning and William Shakespeare and directed by Matt Edgerton), I had put my laundry on, taken off my boots- and out of casual obligation I open my email to find this image in my inbox. Sent by multiple sources. Read more

Brand Spanking New: A Celebration of New Australian Writing


There are millions of reasons why NOT to do something… but there are only a handful of reasons of why people do things… Why bother to make anything? Why invest your time and focus in theatre? Why put yourself forward for speculation or interrogation? Why? Because you are compelled by whatever inspiration or demon (Carrot or stick, if you will..) that drives you… Ultimately it’s about offering- offering an audience a new point of view, a reassurance, a story to soothe, or stir… and short work seasons an do this beautifully-offering a variety of perspectives or worlds to dip into from the safety of you seat.
Read more

The Colour Blind Project Short-Play Festival

Colour Bind Faces Red HI home page face logo3

If anyone knows how hard it is to get a project up and running- it’s me.

And it’s not easy in a city like Sydney, which has limited venues to hire, (as many are curated spaces) and in an industry that so easily chews people up and spits them out, to inspire people into action. Read more

Playwrights are doing it for themselves…


Playwrights are an interesting species in the kingdom of “Artists”… Like many artists they are solitary- but they have a collaborative spirit- because their artform relies on a congenial coming together of minds, hearts and bodies to create something for an audience… they are generous. They give voice to actors, narratives to directors, they give an audiences ideas. They are artistically powerful people who inform and dictate- and yet they are generous and patient and philosophical… How many times has a playwright had their work fumbled by the mouth of a nervous actor, or misdirected by an ambitious yet green director? and yet- generally they remain focused on the art.

There is no celebrity in play writing. Heck, there is barely any money… but there is a community of them springing up…

An online touchstone for me is the 7-On Blog:
which is a wonderful hydra-voiced point of reference and perspective from some of Australia’s key established playwrights.

Another group- WRITE CLUB…. (which you can guess the first rule is…) meets to talk about anything BUT their own work…

Then there is the tentatively named TEWS- The Emerging Writers Studio- which meets at Belvoir.

And there is surely a lot more- people in lounge rooms, in kitchens, in rehearsal rooms talking about writing, about their work, each others work etc… just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist… Read more

Long Day’s Journey Into Night | Sydney Theatre Company


And so it continues… The Sydney Theatre Company’s crusade into International reputation with Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

Sitting between Blanchette’s Streetcar, and the Upcoming productions of Steppenwolf’s Production of Lett’s August: Osage County… and Thorton Wilder’s Our Town… AND Philip Seymour Hoffman’s production of Sam Shepard’s True West… we now have the great William Hurt opposite our great Robyn Nevin in Eugene O’Neill’s Pulitzer Prize winning play.

It’s a very “International” season, isn’t it? Look at the new play from China! Look at the award winning theatre company from Israel… and Turkey! And see- the inclusion of the greatest Mexican playwright! International. No… it is! Don’t you get it? “International” is the new word for “American.” The cultural empire envelopes our language- we are unable to call things what they are. Our voices corrupted. Our great plays relegated to an occasional airing or the HSC compulsory reading lists- or relegated to independent theatres without money, without visibility.

It breaks my heart. Read more

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