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In the Shadows| Stage Juice


Stage Juice is a bright young performance collective lead by artistic Director and performer Katy Green and In the Shadows is the debut production (from what I gather) of this new collective.
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Bluey| FWAM & Tamarama Rock Surfers


This is not a review: more of an internet-note on a show I saw last night at The Old Fitzroy Hotel in Woolloomoolloo: Bluey by Phil Spencer and directed by Scarlet McGlynn. Read more

Creative Sydney Media Release


A really interesting event is about to take hold: and my interest in it, is because in the last 3.5 years since coming back from living and working as an artist in Canada.. I have been hell-bent on re-defining theatre practice in Sydney. Obsessed with new writing, I have created production platforms which by the end of this year will have ensured that over 50 works (which does not include my own work) have been nurtured and brought before an audience… culminating in over 200 opportunities being forged for emerging artists… and WE ALL MAKE a difference!
Check out this event! Details below…
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Thoughts on courses for trained actors and their impending exploitation

Devastated to hear that four competant and out of work actors are going to be “doing a course” with a 40-something year old TV actor and paying him $1000 for the priviledge I was outraged and depressed. This actor has not made it big, is difficult to research and is scarcely in work, yet, he is a good talker and full of anecdotes. Needless to say, I think he is a hack and a parasite looking for vulnerable actors to pay him ($70 and hour for a “private lesson”) in which he chats about the industry from his “successful standpoint”. Here’s my advice for actors who are in between jobs, looking for inspiration and just needing to get back on the stage/ or in front of a camera. Read more

OFF THE SHELF: a hothouse for new plays at Fraser St Studios – artist announcement!

Just a quick notice to advertise that the new brave venture I am heading for Queen Street Studio at the Fraser Street Studios. Out of a wad of applciations, I have chosen 5 new projects to be hothoused and developed in a 4 week period. I have selected the teams based on the potenital of the script (either form or story), the quality of the team/partnership and the long range plans of the projects.
They are as follows: Read more

DNA | Spikey Red Things Old Fitz Hotel

DNA poster image

This is an unofficial reflection on the play: not a review as I was not invited to this as a reviewer but as a practitioner, and it is with my director/dramaturgy hat I write about this piece, not my reviewer’s “will the audience get their money’s worth” hat. Read more

The Man From Mukinupin| MTC/Company B

This review for contains extra rant at the end I didn’t include in the review.
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