Always dreaming up new projects and always on trains or buses- I began thinking what an amazing social phenomenon public transport is.. how we are forced into intimate situations with strangers who we wouldn’t necessarilly choose to sit next to skin-to-skin, nor choose to hear moments of their phone or general conversation – yet we are often in close proximity to strangers.

I began to think how much time I spend in this community- and how this community must differ from bus route to bus route , from suburb to suburb… and thought- what it I could create a project which gives permission for us to acknowledge our curiosity of each other- what if I could create a project for writers and for local artists to explore this situation… and that is the premise of “Stories from the 428″…

Taking the idea that a play is made up of perfect micro-dramas – this project will house vignettes which are written by a diverse range of writers in response to a stimulus/situation. Both established and emerging writers will be writing scenes and monologues during a series of bus trips on the 428 route from Circular Quay to Sidetrack Theatre in Marrickville (and beyond!).

This collaboration will draw on the talents of up to 10 writers and a selection of directors who will be working together to create the final piece which will enjoy a two week season at Sidetrack Theatre in March. The aim is not for a homogenisation of voices or perspectives but to celebrate the diversity of style and genre of artists responding to a single situation.

Some of Sydney’s most celebrated award winning writers and passionate emerging writers will be coming together to create a unique script exploring all things inspired by and from the 426 bus route. Writers contributing thus far include Lachlan Philpott, Noelle Janaczewska, Tahli Corin, Rebecca Clarke and Joanna Erskine.

If you are interested in coming on board this project (yes- that was a bit of a pun wasn’t it…) email me at for the guidelines. Expressions of Interest close 15th January 2010.