For some, summer is a time for squeaky sand between the toes, stinging sunburn and relaxing in a resort… for me – the summer of 09/10 will forever be remembered as the summer I spent talking about buses. In a three week period I have been meeting and greeting playwrights and directors who have expressed interest in a project I am heading called “Stories from the 428”.

The premise is- I take 8 playwrights at a time on the 428 bus from Circular Quay, through the city, through Newtown , Marrickville and Canterbury in Sydney’s Inner West- as a point of reference for their writing. Their writing is then discussed in a collaborative way around table and read out for their fellow writers to enjoy and be inspired by. Then another bus trip is taken and the playwrights meet again to discuss their work. Out of this process approx 60-80 minutes of performance script is developed, rehearsed and produced at Sidetrack Theatre.

This project is about the joy of writing, finding everyday people/public situations a source of inspiration and creative invigoration.

Getting this show on the road (so to speak) is a marvellous one- and fairly exciting one too! I have been well caffeinated by the lads at Buzzzbar in Newtown during this experience of meeting playwrights and directors.

Originally conceived as a one week season for 8 writers to collaborate- this project has blossomed due to the interest, passion and curiosity of Sydney’s most vibrant writers. This project has now expanded to two weeks of two hour-long works (8 writers per week) with a mixture of emerging and established writers. Although I can’t yet announce the directors (there will be 4 directors , directing per week) I can announce the writers:
Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates, Kit Brookman, Rebecca Clarke, Tahli Corin, Matt Edgerton, Joanna Erskine, Lexi Frieman, Noelle Janaczewska, Sime Knezevic, Patrick Lenton, Ned Manning, Jasper Marlow, Lachlan Philpott, Brooke Robinson and Phil Spencer.

This is a collection of truly inspiring and lovely people- their voices are unique and diverse and hail from a wealth of experience- I am truly honoured to have them on board.

I’ll keep you posted on more as this project develops:

4 Directors/ 2 Weeks/ 8 Writers= Stories from the 428