banana muffin

So we’re all a little overextended at the moment. Grants applications are due, acquittals are due (or overdue), deadlines are looming…

And sometimes it’s just a bit much. And sometimes you need a hot, moist muffin, immediately!!!

The funny thing about many artists I know and love – is that they are completely unable to relax. Every moment, conversation is a potential trigger for a show… then of course there is the endless and constant exhaustion of self-doubt and managing your personal internal dialogue.

I have often thought if I didn’t work in theatre, I’d be a psychologist or chef.

I think that I may not be either of those things because how and why people think and what people eat are really my interests that are implicit when I am making theatre.

If you are feeling in need of a distraction from thinking about your show, worrying about your work… I recommend baking – a finite and hard/tangible results hobby.

Today I thought I woudl share with you one of my favourite and much modified recipes for banana muffins… incase you needed a friendly starting point. I like it because it’s quick and required only cup-measures (weighing annoys me – I don’t know why.)

Augusta’s “Rapid-muffin-on-a-mission” recipe..
(’s more like a cake but with fruitiness…)

Make sure you haven’t left something in the oven – Preheat oven to 180 degrees (celsius). Now ignore.

Put this in a bowl:
1 cup SR Flour
1 Cup Sugar (I use white – but have used raw and half/raw half brown)
Halfa Cup milk (I use skim, which Polski says “only pigs drink.” “Oink, oink” I say to him)
2 eggs (slightly harassed with a fork)
Halfa teaspoon Vanilla (I like Vanilla – so I usually go berserk)
2 mashed spotty, fragrant bananas (or 1 cup of whatever fresh fruit’s on special – I favour pears and peaches)
2 Tablespoons of melted butter.
(Sometimes I add nuts and/or dates and/or seeds and/or dried fruits…)

Mix it until it’s mixed – but don’t go too wild. (Save that energy for your next play.)

Divide into muffin tins of your choice. I like a mid-sized muffin tin which holds up to 1/4 cup content.
(and because muffin tins vary – the time of cooking may vary too)

Thrust lovingly (with a delighted chortle) into the now unignored oven.

Usually it takes about 12 minutes to cook. It could take longer depending on your tins and oven. Keep an eye on it. And poke with a toothpick to see if it’s still gooey.
(PS If you like your muffins in a cake or loaf form – fine – but expect a half hour wait.)

WARNING: This recipe should only distract 45 minutes of your life to make and gobble. Serve with your favourite black tea (I like Russian Caravan and T2’s Black Rose) and I suggest also partaking with a loved one or another artist in need of distraction and nurture.

In my kitchen in Petersham, in an apron I used to resent, but now I embrace.

In my kitchen in Petersham, in an apron I used to resent, but now I embrace.