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Hammerhead (is dead) | Bambina Borracha

It’s a busy time in Sydney at the moment: the Sydney Festival is on, Short and Sweet Festival is on.. and theatre folk (goers and makers of theatre) are still crawling out of Christmas like the munchkin children, dusting sleep from their eyes and perhaps the economic crisis has slowed the willy-nilly spending habits of the more conservative theatre goer. Hammerhead (is Dead) would have a lot to compete with if Nick Coyle (writer and director) didn’t have a giggling support group of twenty-somethings ready to enjoy his latest creation currently showing at The Stables.’

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ARTSHUB: Return to Oz

First published December 2007

When Dorothy returned from the bizarre coloured world of the munchkins to her black and white world on the farm, she burst into tears. She was grateful to be home, and in her own room, in her own bed, with Aunty Em calming her down. She learnt when looking for adventure, she need look no further than her own back yard.

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ARTSHUB: Artistic temperaments or bad behaviour?

First published November 2007

Trying to unravel why some people in the theatre industry believe that bad behaviour is a synonym for “Artistic temperatment” and therefore acceptable. It completely undercuts professional behaviour and therefore the arts as a profession.

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ARTSHUB: The revolution will not be government funded.

First published October 2007.

This covers a few things: my 27th birthday: and what that means for applying for grants, Garret’s policy for the arts (pre election), and the idea of government subsidized productions (ie not depending on audiences for sustainability).

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ARTSHUB: Assumptions and Fear: Questions Surrounding New Australian Plays

First published September 2007

Its coming up to the pitch season for independent theatres across Sydney, and I am feeling that rise of panic in my chest as I start to assess my options for pitching something. I have been seeing shows all over the place, having a look at what’s on and what’s getting chosen… who are the independent players in this game… and it is surprising what’s on and where it comes from.. how its been supported. It becomes blaringly obvious that there is an ugly frightened figure, quivering in the corners of our theatres: cultural cringe. “Still!?!” I hear you shriek. Read more

ARTSHUB: Is Australian theatre pretending to be dead?
Return to Oz #8
Written by Augusta Supple

There are many reasons why its difficult being a writer and/or a director but the biggest thing I have realised in the last month is that all those reasons don’t matter. They don’t matter for the express fact that it doesn’t stop that feeling in me that there are stories worth telling, and people worth making them with and an audience worth telling them to. The reasons why or how its difficult don’t matter because I continue to do it anyway. I continue to write, I continue to direct and I continue to support an industry that is forever moaning and groaning due to financial or (so called) cultural malnutrition. Read more

ARTSHUB: Theatre Jobs: Knowing when to say “No”

First published June 2007

I’ve been on both sides of the fence. There is no “sitting on the fence”… you are either on one side or another. You are either working on a show, or you are not. Thinking about working on a show, wondering if there is a show you could work on etc, is in the category of “not.” But if you are in the process of approaching people, raising money and writing proposals: you are working. For me, it’s not just the luxurious 6 weeks (part time) with actors I enjoy and count as “working on a show”… It’s the deciding on the scripts, the selection of the team… the whole invisible process that starts months before. Read more

ARTSHUB: The Community sitting in the Theatre Industry.

First published July 2007

For an art form full of sparklingly charismatic, articulate and fascinating people, theatre also has the capability to make one feel self conscious. The curse of comparison rears its ugly head again as you start to line up your career highlights with a peer, wonder why they got that opportunity, why hadn’t someone told you about that audition, and you start to wish yourself to be better connected/ better trained/ well known/ more liked/ taller/ older/ younger/ funnier/ more organised/ more commercially attractive more something… and you start questioning “why WHY won’t anyone give me a chance?” Read more

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Wolf Lullaby Photos

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