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Mes Amis, Mes Amour- Palace cinemas


Sometimes I have the good fortune of stumbling across free tickets for films that are being promoted: sometimes through the Queen St Studio newsletter.. sometimes through work… sometimes through If Magazine, AWG Newsletter or all fantastic sources of promos, givaways and free ticket comps. Sometimes, I think I should only go to what I win, as opposed to what I choose: perhaps then the karmic influence of the universe will put it in perspective… Read more

The Promise | Company B

I am going to declare a few things. The last time I saw a revolving stage at Belvoir St Theatre was in 2000, in Michael Scott Mitchell’s design for the MTC/Belvoir co-production of Yasmina Reza’s The Unexpected Man, for which I was a 20-year-old Honours student sent in to observe a rehearsal process. What I learnt from that experience was profound and personally transformative: and ultimately I came to understand what an absolute NIGHTMARE revolving stages are. The sound of the revolve, the awkwardness of furniture when it is placed on the revolve. Stage managing, timing, pacing all the challenges of blocking a play are tenfold! So when I saw that Simon Stone, “the youngest director to direct in the Upstairs theatre” had taken on a revolve. I thought, “oh dear, I hope he’s got a good one- and he knows how to use it!” Read more

Off The Shelf #2 | Queen Street Studio

A quick note to say that Off The Shelf will return to FraserStudio in the second half of this year.

Designed to hothouse 5 full length theatre script projects over a month, Off The Shelf encourages the community of writers to focus on their play. The result of their work is a showcase in November for industry representatives to provide feedback on the scripts and provide a networking opportunity for writers and directors.

For more information check out the Queen Street Studio Website:

or contact me augustasupple[at]hotmail[dot]com

Gatz| Elevator Repair Service


There are divisions in the theatre. Always. What is good, what is bad. What is new, what is old. What is hot, what is not. Divisions occur because there is very little anyone can absolutely say is true and right in the theatre… indeed perhaps life. It comes down to taste, attention, experience and above all else articulation of the individual’s response to what they have seen. Read more

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