Less than three weeks remain for Queen Street Studio’s playwrights residency- OFF THE SHELF. And there are four teams working hard in every spare minute of their lives to get a script ready for the showcase.

The teams are given 15 hours of rehearsal time and a couple of months in which they are encouraged to develop a script that they have “shelved” with a director of their choice. Over 30 submissions were received and four will be shown in late November to an audience of industry who provide feedback on the scripts.

The projects for the last Off The Shelf for 2009 are:

“Of the Causes of Wonderful Things” written by Talya Rubin, directed by Nick James

“Wretched Excess” written by Stephen Graham, directed by David Adlam

“Zetland” written by Jasper Marlow, directed by Mark Pritchard

“Combat Fatigue” written by Alison Rooke, directed by Ian Zammit

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