Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers examines the reasons or causes behind people who are high acheivers- the thesis goes onto explain that for any person to be a leader in their field, they need to accrue 10,000 hours of practice in their given field. Gladwell sites the practise of The Beatles (who played 8 hours straight in Hamburg 5 days a week) and Bill Gates (who used to sneak into his local university at 2am to work on Computers as a teenage boy) … its a fascinating idea- and a hypothesis that rings true in the realm of the theatre.

One of my favourite designers, Barbara Bryce told me that “work breeds work” and this is very true- the more you do, the more you are offered… and perhaps this practice factor has something to do with it? Practise skills you up, makes you ready- keeps your mind ready and alert for challenges or problems… It arms you with confidence and knowledge. But do not mistake this – this is different from the concept “work for works sake.” The practise I am talking about is that which is quality, which keeps you challenged and invigorated and striving and is ultimately worth investing yourself in. It is the practice which you deem to be worthy of your time (your time being precious and finite) and your talent. Practise which is pedestrian and easy and the re-invention of your own wheel – is more destructive than the practice I am talking about… I am saying practise- and while you practise aim to elevate your practice.

For me, Stories from the 428 is practising my practice- my dramaturgical, directorial and producing pursuits… I am being stretched and challenged like I never have before- this is not a re-cycling of Brand Spanking New, Metamorphases or Off the Shelf- it is its own unique and marvellous beast- mainly because of the hardwork and talents of all the marvellous people who are feeding their ideas into this production- a wonderous and terrifying creation. And all of us on this production are clocking up hours- rehearsing/writing/sourcing/pitching/painting etc…

For those who are inbetween projects and looking for some practise time- If you are a writer I suggest Griffin Theatre’s playwrighting class . If you are a director why not apply for The Colour Blind Project more info: , and if you are an actor this amazing offer has fallen across my desktop-

SPECIAL FREE ACTT ACTING WORKSHOP: On Saturday 20 March from 10:30pm – 12:30pm, there will be a free acting workshop and information session at ACTT, 505 Pitt St. (15+ only) The workshop will be a fun and invigorating acting class and a unique and inspiring learning experience. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Call 02 9213 4500 to register your interest.

But above all else- do what you love. And. Love what you do.