Stories from the 428 launched last night- with the help from our friends at the Coopers Hotel in Newtown, Marrickville Council, ACTT and Queen Street Studio- writers, directors, designers, crew came together to have a few drinks, to meet the people who they will be working with in the next 3-4 weeks. This launch was for the participants… United by a love of theatre, new Australian Playwriting and buses- nearly 100 local artists are starting rehearsals this week.

428 launch

Combining the a mix of writers from a range of backgrounds this is theatre at its most diverse- a patchwork of ideas that are stitched together through the common experience of the 428 Bus ride from Circular Quay to Canterbury.

Gemma and design

What never ceases to amaze me is the passion people have within them – to make theatre- to make anything where before there was nothing. It is truly breathtaking.

People from different backgrounds and different levels of experience coming together to say something they believe in…

Donna and Eamon

People who wouldn’t ordinarilly cross paths, meet each other in the context of this type of project- share ideas, contribute, support and inspire each other.

Writers and Blinco

But one thing is for certain- without an audience these stories are mute, these ideas lay dormant. It is the everyday and the ordinary which inspires us to come together and share our Stories.
Lou and Men

All this will come together in 3 weeks at Sidetrack Theatre. Tickets are $25… hope to see you at the show!