Image by Tim Andrew

Image by Tim Andrew

Ah Zombies. I must admit- have a soft spot for Zombies- In fact, I kind of admire them: They know what they want and they won’t let being dead get in their way of acheiving it. I, just like Zombies, have an insatiable appetite for brains… the difference being, I seek them out for conversational purposes- zombies are more inclined to see them as a snack.

Zombies. There is something deeply ’80s about them- clearly as something that terrified me as a child: watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller film clip (and on the occasion my brother smuggled into the house a VHS copy of “Night of the Living Dead”…)

And now as an adult, I associate Zombies with that awkward time of every arts student’s life: post-uni/pre-“rest-of-your- life” when you are working in some powerfully dull job/living off coffee and donuts and 4 hours sleep and desperately trying not to feel like your brain is atrophying in it’s bone-case.

Do you empathize with Zombies? Infact, have you ever wanted to be a zombie? Well, it appears that Shopfront is looking for Zombie enthusiasts for their Major project called “At The Drive in.” Details below-

At the Drive-In
Directed by TJ Eckleberg

News Reports are coming in from all over Australia, the Zombies are on the way!

At the Drive-In combines film, performance, multi-media, dance and music to create a site specific Zombie work in the grounds of a major arts centre in August 2010.

Work Wednesday nights with industry professionals, a film crew and dynamic emerging artists to create 90 second news and doco style reports from the Zombie War.

Be a hero, a hunter, or even an innocent bystander on stage and on massive projection screens. Performers aged 16-25 are invited to Audition

Audition Details:
Prepare a 1-3 minute Alien or Zombie piece
Saturday 22nd May
Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance
88 Carlton Parade, Carlton. NSW
To secure your place:
register by May 20, phone (02) 9588 3948