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Since April, I have been reading, researching, approaching playwrights… It’s what I spend most of my time thinking about… I talk to them, I read plays, I see plays, I hang out at playwriting courses… I see readings, I hold readings… all in the name of BRAND SPANKING NEW.

Brand Spanking New has developed over it’s three years… and the spirit and the structure remains the same- this is not a competitive short play festival. There are no “prizes”- being in, working on a beautiful, surprising, tender, challenging play with a playwright who dreams big, feels more, hopes unwaiveringly- is truly the real prize. The plays are housed on one set, linked with one sound design, and are considered a suite of plays. I approach directors, directors approach me- I spend my spare hours in coffee shops talking to directors, hearing what they want, what they love, what they believe and why they want to work on new work…. I gather the team of designers, crew, coordinators, the project rolls along…

There are two ways to be included in Spankers if you are a playwright- 1. If you are established, I write to you and I offer you a meagre sum of money and say “I love your work… and this is why… I will programme you what ever you write- write what you want” And you either say “I’m busy, not now, Gus” or you say “I’ll try to rustle up something, when’s the due date? OK, leave it with me…” and I sit and wait. I chew my nails. I do some baking. I try to think about other things….
2. I send out an email through the New Theatre, this site, my email list, my friends that say -“hey I heard you write… if you want to apply to Spankers please fill in this form, write me a play, and I’ll have a read and see what I reckon.” And then I wait nervously, hoping writers want to submit something… I chew my nails. I sit. I wait. I send little wishes out to the world that says, “I can’t wait to find the next great writer.”

Risk and optimism- the best way to be. Adrenilin.

This year- The established/approached writers said yes… and I was joyfully flooded by writers who approached me. Then the reading (which took 3 weeks)… the emails, the phone calls… the shortlist arrived… and now the list of writers and directors is ready.

The team is ready- most writers & directors know their pairing- and there are a few more to come… I am the match maker. And it gives me grand and great joy to see the great minds, big hearts articulate why they love the pieces they want… I love the conversation- I love the feeling of when I also get my writer- it feels like I have won the lottery… it’s thrilling. I love it.

The next thing is the auditions- starting next weekend: details are below: I’d love to see you there…


Brand Spanking New

Returning for its third exciting season, New Theatre’s Brand Spanking New is a celebration of new Australian writing which features a selection of both established and emerging writers.

Over two weeks Brand Spanking New presents a bento box of canape theatre: monologues, short plays, sketches, excerpts from larger plays, exploring and exposing some of Australia’s most exciting and innovative writers.

Brand Spanking New is a bold, unapologetically fun and fearless celebration of Australia’s best contemporary writers.

Auditions will be held for a variety of roles across the season all ages and looks are encouraged to audition.

Kate Mulvany, Ian Wilding, Alana Valentine, Catherine Zimdahl, Ned Manning, Donna Abela, Caleb Lewis, Suzie Miller, Rebecca Clarke, Joanna Erskine, Katie Pollock, Alison Rooke, Fleur Beaupert, Tim Spencer, Phil Spencer, Anna Lise Phillips, Alli Sebastian Wolf.

Shannon Murphy, Caroline Craig, James Winter, Augusta Supple, Dominic Mercer, Vanessa Hughes, Ngaire O’Leary, Scott Selkirk, Louise Fischer, Scarlet McGlynn, Nick Curnow, Heath Wilder, Beverley Callow, Lisa Eisman, Jane Eakin, and assistant directors: Liv Satchell and Shondelle Pratt.

Auditions Dates
Saturday 25 September (3pm-7pm)
Sunday 26 September (3pm-8pm)
Wednesday 29 September 6pm-9pm
(by appointment only)

Further audition times may be announced.

Audition Location
TBC with booking

Season Dates
27 October – 6 November
(Wed – Sat @ 8pm)

Audition Requirements

Please prepare a 2 minute monologue.

To book an audition time
Contact Julia Lenton on

PLEASE NOTE: New Theatre is a volunteer theatre company. All roles and positions are unpaid.

Julia Lenton
Brand Spanking New 2010
Production Coordinator
0410 748 039