MPP Pics

It’s a funny catchy title. I loved asking people “Are you seeing My Private Parts?”… and the usual guffaw or smirk results. In a Fringe Festival guide stuffed full of shows, it is hard to find a point of difference- but My Private Parts manages this brilliantly.

Polka dot dresses, Doris Day tunes, a giant picture of a pin up girl with a microwave inserted where her “private parts” would be… a three piece band, plenty of music and two stunning performers- what more could I possibly want?

Deborah Thomson, James Beach and Brendan Mc Donall have created a show about the most intimate and difficult topic of our times- fertilisation- luckily there is plenty of song, dance and innuendo – just what the doctor ordered. Tracking Deborah’s dating experience through a series of “fine at the time/ not suitable fathering material” partners… and of course the pursuit of a career… and all the other factors that lead to the fact that so many women are having babies later than their parents did.

The story is one of huge effort- huge personal doubt, focus, trauma, yearning- wherein sex becomes unsexy and functional, where the biological clock is a cruel dictator and modern science overwhelms the natural… Fearlessly, sweetly, beautifully, Deborah Thomson and Lucy Miller, tackle a variety of roles, songs, stories- all the while swinging between explaining the technical aspects of IVF and the personal reality of embarking on such an adventure. Though I chuckled and smiled my way through this bubbly and bright show, when pendulum swung back the other way- I felt even more devastated… it hit me right where it hurts- in my 30 year old ovaries.

This was one of Sydney Fringe’s gems, beautifully costumed, a fantastic score, a great story, two beautiful performers and a band- this deserved a much larger venue- as this is a story women need to see and perhaps even more importantly men need to see it. It’s a story needing to be told- a story of resilience, the wonders of medical science, focus, ambition and most importantly love and acceptance.

Show Duration: 75 Minutes
DATE: 14/Sep, 19/Sep, 22/Sep, 23/Sep, 25/Sep
START TIME: 14/09 20:00, 19/09 17:00, 22/09 20:00, 23/09 21:30, 25/09 20:00 (75 Minutes)
VENUE: The Other Room
TICKETS: Adult: $20.00 / Concession: $16.00