Earlier this year, a group of playwrights, directors, crew and actors came together to create a project inspired by Sydney’s transport system. A suite of plays were presented at Sidetrack theatre- a different suite each week for two weeks celebrating the bizarre, fantastical, romantic, infuriating Sydney Commuter experience. With a total of nearly 100 artists on board- nearly 1500 people over 10 performances enjoyed the fruits of their labours. Six months later, most of the directors and an ensemble cast have come together with a selection of the scenes from both weeks, culminating in a new show- full of surprises! If you missed it- this is your chance!

The premise is simple: A group of award-winning and emerging playwrights have collaborated to create a unique show inspired by conversations, scenes from the bus window, overseen text messages or perhaps the person sitting across from them on the 428 bus from Circular Quay to Canterbury. And the best thing is- you can catch the 428 to the show as it stops outside Sidetrack Theatre.
Supported by Queen Street Studio, New Theatre, Actors College of Theatre and Television (ACTT), a selection of Scenes from Stories from the 428 has been curated as an official selection of the Inaugural 2010 Sydney Fringe Festival this month.

Directed by: Scott Selkirk, Glenn Hazeldine, Ngaire O’Leary, Louise Fischer, Augusta Supple, Zoe Carides.

Written by: Sime Knezevic, Joanna Erskine, Patrick Lenton, Donna Abela, Matt Edgerton, Lexi Freiman, Brooke Robinson, Tahli Corin with Rosie Chase, Kit Brookman, Jasper Marlow, Alison Rooke

Performed by: Lucy Goleby, Stephen Peacocke, Maggie Blinco, Alan Faulkner, Jan Langford-Penny, Lib Campbell, Luke Carson, Matt Charleston, Daniel Nemes, Melissa Hume, Kailah Cabanas, Julian Ramundi, Bridgette Sneddon, Felix Gentle, Helena Stamoulis,Toby Villis

Creative Producer: Augusta Supple, Sound Designer: Jeremy Silver Lighting Designer: Miles Thomas, Graphic Design: Tim Andrew, Publicist: Julia Lenton, Web Construction: Grant Moxom, Stage Manager: Alison Murphy-Oates

Performance Dates:
Saturday 11th September at 8pm
Sunday 12th September at 8pm
Saturday 18th September at 5pm
Sunday 19th September at 2pm
Sunday 19th September at 8pm
Tickets: $24/$20 + Booking Fee
(02) 9550 3666

” Stories From The 428 is shaping-up as a cult phenomenon. Audiences have been overflowing; generous with applause, laughter and, where appropriate, mesmerised silence.” – lloyd bradford syke www.australianstage.com.au

“The very idea of bringing so many theatre artists together, established and emerging, is fabulous enough. But the fact that so much of the work was good makes the event truly special… and has led to delightful results.” James Waites www.jameswaites.com

“Each scene finds little joys and tragedies in the commonplace; it is a meditation on the private within the communal, and variation within routine. ” Vivienne Egan www.timeoutsydney.com.au