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AUDITION CALL: Open Workshop | Shopfront Theatre


16 April, 2-4pm at Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance
for artists ranging between 12-25 years old to create a brand new multi-media performance on the theme of Change and Consequence. Read more

Parkie | WOOF/meow & ATYP Under The Wharf


It is indeed wonderful to see ATYP embracing not only new Australian writing, but new Australian writing during the pre-Mardi Gras hub-bub of the Mardi Gras festival is fantastic. Read more

Gossip and speculation for the Independent artist – NSW Theatre Network & SAMAG State of the Arts


Two discussions in a week. Pretty big discussions. It seems Sydney is bracing itself for a change of government – a foregone conclusion considering the haphazard nature of our public transport system and the swinging voters of the west, so they say. So what happens when change is threatening? A small group mobilizes and others seem to sit on chairs and philosophize about art. Read more

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Augusta Supple

Sydney-based theatre director, producer and writer. This site is about my long, deep, bright-eyed, ever-hopeful, sometimes difficult, always invigorating, rambunctious, rebellious, dynamic and very personal relationship with Australian Arts and Culture... I reflect on shows, talks, essays, writing, artists that inspire me to say something, and you'll find out what I'm working on, who I'm working with and what inspires me.