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The Griffin Award 2011 | Griffin Theatre Company


The 2011 Griffin Award is definitely, for me, the must-see, must-attend playwright’s event. Read more

Giddy Up and Ye-Har at the Playwright’s Muster | Griffin Theatre Company


In the offices and kitchens and bedrooms across Australia, bodies bent like cashews, sit. The blue light from computer screens flick up their faces as a tappity tap-tap sound is heard. Read more

The Tooth of Crime | ATYP Under the Wharf & Arts Radar


On a red velvet throne sits a lazy and leather-clad rock god – with a fawning female at his feet. Read more

25 Belvoir Street – The Book Launch


Theatre relies on memory. For the audience, it is the only thing that remains after the warm buzz of the event itself – an impression about the show, or characters, or theatre experience – that sits in and with us for the rest of our lives – should memory permit. For the industry – actors need their memory for the obvious line-delivery/stagecraft reasons. Directors need it for the selection of team/play/design. We need memory to ensure we do not re-invent the wheel, but also so we can change/improve upon the wheel. And memory is a fickle thing – carried by the practitioners, audiences that every now and then a brave soul attempts to trap a memory on paper. Try to shape or make sense of the past in words. Read more

Playwright’s Muster


Last year, the NSW Premier made a terrible mistake. Terrible. The decision was made not to award a literary award for playwriting. Terrible. And yet… wonderful. Read more

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