In 1796, Sydney’s first windmill was built on Observatory Hill. Over The historic cobblestones of the Rocks in Sydney have had an unveiling of an epic variety – a windmill. In a nod to the wild imagination only Cervantes rivaled – the Harbour Foreshore Authority has imagined, made and re-created a Windmill in the centre of a square in the rocks.

Opening night was, by all accounts a charming festival of oldfashioneds, Cider and small thai-themed canapes – as bands and music and weed displays created by Diego Bonetto (harking back to vegetation of the area), a stall of stories created by Penguin Plays Rough and DJing by the crew from Heaps Decent.

In a small stall by the side of the Windmill – which in itself is a fun adventure to climb the stairs or explore – sat some writers from growing Sydney writing force Penguin Plays Rough. I sat on a hay bail and had a writer read a story from a card had picked from her table: an intimate hand delivered story, created and read for me in that moment. A story which was too well written to be ignored and felt like a tea-stained love story, or as thought the story was a chance reading in a tarot deck of sorts: predicting my future or explaining my past.

Story reading  courtesy of Penguin Plays Rough

Story reading courtesy of Penguin Plays Rough

The Rocks Windmill is a lovely adventure into a contemporary cultural reflection on history and technology, of tools and a time when Sydney was in the early stages of settlement. For the remainder of April and for the first couple of weeks in May, the Rocks Windmill is hosting a variety of events and activities featuring art and craft activities, and workshops by Bell Shakespeare and My Darling Patricia, music nights and tours.


With #BestFriendSally wearing a windmill as a hat