Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Thursday (After Lunch)


And so after lunch some more Working Sessions and Presentations, but truth be told I was sort of ready just to snuggle into bed and let all the issues of the Forum gestate: but like so much of the performing arts, a restlessness continues building on top of ideas, and feelings…

But instead, I found my way to the Courtyard theatre to hear some myth-busting from/about the Majors… in fact I was curious to know what the assumed myths were… So I plugged myself in and listened… Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Thursday (Before Lunch) PT 2


Ah, the Majors! That golden chalice! That pot of gold! The sweet spot on a fresh pillow! The Major performing arts companies the big end of town – big budgets, bit shows, big annual turn over, big audiences.

(Isn’t it fascinating that an artform obsessed with collaboration has so much status obsession and so many hierarchical structures?)

Interestingly for many the Majors indicate the legitimate end of art making and cultural expression in the country. For one I’ve had an interesting relationship with several majors as a freelance independent artist (very publicly so) – In the past I’ve been invited to

Chair: Stephen Armstrong(SA); Speakers: Geordie Brookman (GB), Leticia Caceres (LC), Wesley Enoch (WE), Peter Evans (PE), Mike Finch (MF), Brenna Hobson( BH), Matt Lutton (ML), Polly Rowe (PR) Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Thursday (Before Lunch) PT 1


Hear from the newly appointed CEO, Tony Grybowski.


A little bit of a shake up. It’s true. In recent months the Federal Government (in relation to the arts) has been shaken like a snow globe… papers fly like flecks of snow and we watch in wonder. Or perhaps it’s more like the lotto – watching the swirl of numbers seeing them slowly slip into slots. A National Cultural Policy is announced (the first in 17 years) check it out HERE , Minister Simon Crean is reshuffled out of the deck and the very charming and arts-aligned Minister Tony Burke steps up and into the job and introduces himself to the Arts and Cultural sector immediately (yes I was there – being charmed by his enthusiasm – but you can read more about that HERE) – and the Australia Council has a staff reshuffle… Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Wednesday (After Lunch)


After a big morning of ideas: plenty plenty plenty to think and talk about, I could really only be super superficial in my conversation at Lunch time : “How about this weather?” “Isn’t Canberra well organized?” “What am I eating?” etc etc

Next up were working sessions and presentations which happening concurrently around the Canberra Theatre Centre and this felt a little more than frustrating – because I could have happily sat in on all working groups to listen and learn and Tweet about and share with friends and followers who may be in other sessions/other cities other countries… but that is the thing with theatre, theatre forums and live events: you will always miss out on something, somewhere, sometime. Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Wednesday (Before Lunch)


Australian Theatre Forum | Canberra Theatre Centre | Wednesday 27th May

The Australian Theatre Forum is THE theatre foyer of all theatre foyers. A huge milling massing mob, a swirling swilling symphony of conversations, bright bubbling people talking on telephones, kissing cheeks and giving knowing nods. In this foyer independent artists stand alongside Aritistic Directors, Festival programmers, performance artists, live artists and playwrights stand with Education officers, Directors, bloggers and venue managers – its a cacophany of charisma this foyer.

And not for the faint-hearted. Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013 | Tuesday


The Australian Theatre Forum is possibly one of the most significant events on a theatre person’s calender. It is the almighty convergence of venues, companies, organisations, bureaucrats, artists, touring companies. It may appear to be a little strange that an industry which is largely foyer-dwelling and highly present in social media AND practiced in conversation needs such an event.

But it does. Read more

Australian Theatre Forum 2013


The Australian Theatre Forum.

A theatrical biennale? An industrial schmoozefest? A reminder of time well-spent or mismanaged? A presentation of timely provocations? An excuse to navel gaze? Forced face-time with national digital connections? A convergence of arts companies, artists and beauracrats? Or perhaps a drama camp on steroids… Read more

No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames | Mayday Playwrights Festival

GetInline copy

So when life gives you lemons, you’ve got a choice.
You can either sit there staring at the lemons wondering what it means to be given a lemon, or wishing it was different: a cumquat perhaps… perhaps a bicycle or a love letter…


You can start making lemonade. Read more

Political Hearts of Children | Subtlenuance at the Tap Gallery (Downstairs)


Subtlenuance is one of those rare companies that continues to contribute to the landscape of Sydney’s independent theatre scene. Most companies start, produce and finish before a significant body of work or practice can be established. This is not the case of subtlenuance – and I can’t help but have the impression that there is a strong intention to continue making – and providing opportunities to young and emerging writers – opportunities that just don’t materialise outside of the tight machinery of larger institutions. And I can’t praise them enough for that – as I firmly believe that it takes an audience to make a writer. Read more

Lenny Bruce: 13 Daze Un-Dug in Sydney 1962 | Bondi Pavillion


There’s much I owe to Benito Di Fonzo, who seems to be quite intent on educating me on ragged and ground breaking word obsessives of yesteryear. Previously I had not really known nor acknowledged Bob Dylan as a pivotal pirate of wordsmithery – that is until Di Fonzo landed in my face a production of extreme adventure: THE CHRONIC ILLS OF ROBERT ZIMMERMAN AKA BOB DYLAN (A LIE). Firmly claiming the corner of the market on re-imagined long-titled docu-plays on famous rapscallions, Di Fonzo has introduced me to Lenny Bruce via the velvet voice of Sam Haft and a syncopated slam of a three piece jazz orchestra. Read more

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