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The Invisible Workers


After I attended the much anticipated Philip Parsons Lecture at Belvoir last year I was invited to write an article for New Matilda about the women in theatre debate… which I have included below. Read more

The Book of Everything| Company B & Kim Carpenter’s Theatre of Image

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

Sometimes when I really enjoy a piece of theatre the last thing I want to do is describe the best surprises and outline the plot in full- I think it devalues the spontaneous experience of the audience. I’m not sure who reads reviews- and I am certainly not clear on who reads my reviews. In 2007 when I first started reviewing I found it very curious that one of my fellow reviewers never reads anyone but himself. I always read reviews- especially shows I have reviewed- I like to follow the show through all terrain to get a sense of how the show travelled and which reviewers highlighted specific aspects of production. Read more

2009: A retrospective


2009 has finished- no Bull! We survived the teething decade of the new millenium- and her we are at the start of a new year! What a relief! As with every end of the year comes certain things- sunburn, family Christmases, NYE revelling, music festivals and retrospection which sometimes justifies some introspection- so here is my intro/retrospection about theatre in the last year… Read more

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