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Happy As Larry | Sydney Festival & Shaun Parker and Company

After a hugely hot day, supposedly the hottest day in Sydney in four years, it was a welcome relief to walk through the streets of Parramatta as a fine mist of rain started to fall. James Waites and I had caught a train after a brief sprint (I was later than anticipated due to unanticipated trackwork)- and within half an hour had found ourself in “The geographical centre of Sydney.” Shaun Parker’s latest creation started its Sydney Festival leg of a wider tour at 2.30pm, 23rd Jan at Parramatta Riverside Theatre- we caught the later session and it was really fascinating. Read more

Six Characters in Search of an Author | Sydney Festival & Headlong UK


A very brief note about my experience of Six Characters in Search of An Author which has been programmed as a part of The 2010 Sydney Festival. Luigi Pirandello’s play written in 1921- arguably one of the great classic texts in the Western Canon- is a self-reflexive examination on the creation of theatre, character and life and a comment on the shifting sands of reality. In this version, by Rupert Goold and Ben Power- the framing of the production has shifted to that of a TV station which produces documentaries- and is under deadline to find an ending to a documentary on a child who is about to euthenased. It has been delivered to us with a string of raving snippets from UK reviews- in one of the trickiest of venues- The York Theatre at The Seymour Centre. Read more

Stories from the 428| THE WRITERS

For some, summer is a time for squeaky sand between the toes, stinging sunburn and relaxing in a resort… for me – the summer of 09/10 will forever be remembered as the summer I spent talking about buses. In a three week period I have been meeting and greeting playwrights and directors who have expressed interest in a project I am heading called “Stories from the 428”. Read more

The Arrival| Sydney Festival & Red Leap Theatre


The 2010 Sydney Festival has afforded me many first experiences- and The Arrival is another- my first experience of New Zealand theatre AND the first theatre production I have seen at Carriageworks. In the past three weeks I have been experiencing a range of Children’s theatre- ranging from local Australian adaptations to large scale adaptations of foreign stories- now an adaptation of a graphic novel by Shaun Tan – “The Arrival”. Read more

The Fence | Urban Theatre Projects


Last Thursday night was my first adventure into the world of Urban Theatre Projects, a company I had long heard about but never experienced their work… why? Perhaps I was frightened off site-specific work during my performance studies degree… perhaps because I am a die-hard L-plater/public transport advocate who feared the late train ride and obscure locations in the Western suburbs of Sydney? I don’t know. Read more

Smoke and Mirrors | Sydney Festival

It has been one of the most talked about festival shows- this is very much a show for anyone who has ever wanted to run away and join the circus. If you have tickets- good on you- these and hens teeth etc etc… for those who are wondering about tix for next to nix- yep its worth it if you can have a nap in the middle of the day- coz its a late night you don’t want to be drowsy for! Read more

MIDNITE at New Theatre and thinking about children’s plays


I want to briefly mention the production of Midnite I saw on Saturday at New Theatre… adapted by Richard Tulloch from Randolf Stow’s “The Story of a Wild Colonial Boy”, directed by Jodine Muir and Jennifer Monk. Read more

The Pitch | Darlinghurst Theatre

Photo: Garth Oriander

Photo: Garth Oriander

Sometimes, you just want a show that is tight, clever and completely entertaining- with The Pitch, Darlinghurst Theatre’s current prodcution- you are in safe hands and guaranteed a fun night at the theatre. Read more

Hamlet | Schaubuhne & Sydney Festival


To review or not to review- that is the question.
What to review, if you review- that IS the question.

I could review the story- the text- the production… but in this pre-review entry I am going to review audience expectation. Read more

Stories from the 428


Always dreaming up new projects and always on trains or buses- I began thinking what an amazing social phenomenon public transport is.. how we are forced into intimate situations with strangers who we wouldn’t necessarilly choose to sit next to skin-to-skin, nor choose to hear moments of their phone or general conversation – yet we are often in close proximity to strangers. Read more

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