I’m going to come out in the open and admit something. I love doing my tax.

This is not sarcasm. It’s the sincere truth.

I love sorting through receipts. For me, as a freelancing artist it’s a trip down memory lane…. the weird and wonderful things I have bought, or seen or experienced. It’s like a photo album but of numbers. Shows me how I have spent my life. Literally.

I believe that actions speak loudly. And how you act with money speaks VERY loudly.

It’s true that many artists are preoccupied with the status of their work and measuring their work in the undelightful question, “were you paid?” It’s an interesting question – especially when it comes at the end of being told a story of the latest artistic conquest – somehow all magic, all art tumbles out the window when that question is asked.

Let’s really be honest.

To be a full time artist in Australia is rare. most people have side money earners. And there is no shame in that. Especially if you earn money to give you the artistic freedom to do what you want how you want with who you want, where you want.

But I thought I would ask you to consider this question – when you are paid where does your money go? What economy are you supporting? What are you investing your cash in?

Yes. It’s a personal question. And for many an uncomfortable question. And I’m going to answer it.

I give money to the arts.

Now, I’m not rich. Not at all. I am, after all, an artist. I come from a very poor background (which is perhaps why I don’t mind being an artist and poor) and I think about money. I work hard and I love my industry. And so, I give money to the arts. In previous years I have donated to various companies the amounts I can afford to donate. This is because I believe in those programs and companies. Some people give to medical or third world or environmental charities. I donate to the arts.
This year I thought I would share with you my plans…

Shopfront Theatre
I am on the Board of Directors and feel so passionately and devotedly to Shopfront, the work that is developed and produced there and the staff who work there that I can’t help but manifest this support in a cash donation – I know what the money means to the organisation and I am proud of it’s long history and it’s ethos of developing young people’s creative spirit.
For more about the organisation check out their website:
And to donate check out :

Griffin Theatre Company

It’s true that Griffin Theatre tickets are heavilly subsidized. And if it wasn’t for the generous support of their sponsors – tickets would be significantly more expensive. I am particularly impressed with the work that Sam Strong and his team have done over the past year to cultivate and nurture Australian Playwrights and the production of New Australian work.
For more about the company check out their website:
And to donate:

Kaleidoscope Gallery
This is NOT a theatre. Surprised? Don’t be. I’m on the Advisory Board for this new art gallery run by Samantha Mitchell-Fin, located in Dank Street Waterloo. This is a place which offers emerging visual artists an accessible, professional space to exhibit their work, supported by the cheery, dedicated staff. I believe in supporting emerging artists and visual artists do have a hard time of it – and this is a gallery which is focused on the development of artists and art collectors.
Check out their website:

NOW… I also have 24 hours to choose any others I might want to donate to… and there are some emails and letters I have received asking to consider them. What it comes down to is this:

I work really hard.

I want my money to go to those companies that work really hard. That are working to improve the cultural landscape. Those who are brave, doing things differently actively seeking out new ways of supporting artists.

I give a shit. That’s why I give cash.

I reckon, instead of going out this weekend and blowing your cash on a crazy time. How about you donate half that amount to an arts organisation that you really believe in, that you feel a part of, that you identify with and appreciate?

It’ll make you feel good. I promise.