After a fairly long day of being me… which these days seems to be fairly long and full (and yes I must admit interesting) there is a part of me that desires to be delighted by something new. And I must admit that when scrolling through the list of options I rarely think “Hey! I might go hang out at a mainstage theatre company!” Instead I’ll spontaneously turn up to somewhere weird, or dark or hard to find – for the mere thrill of it. Tonight was one such night. Propelled by procrastination (yes my laundry ever looms) I hit the street in search of a conversation or a distraction.

Tonight I ventured down the road and around the corner from my house – in search of beer and distraction and stumbled across a charming artist run venue called the AV Union on Parramatta Road. Intimate? No… One feels almost like one has invaded a whole country walking into that closet. But I have always firmly believed from little things big things grow and tonight I had that feeling in this venue watching Harry Milas’ Show “Why Magic Is.”

As a woman who has at two (YES TWO) points in my life dated magicians I am proud to say that I am still as gullible and as accepting of “magic” as ever. And by magic I mean “mathematics” “diversion” and “cheeky charm” – all which Harry Milas has on offer in his show “Why Magic Is.” And it’s very true that you won’t really get the answer to that question – but Milas will offer up some reference books and delight the audience with a few DIY demonstrations… which of course none of us could do because unlike Harry we have NOT spent years perfecting the slide and glide of some well palmed cards.

Of course a BIG part of all routines (and Harry’s lasts around 90 minutes) is the patter and set up of the jokes. He is a charming, sweet, clever and geeky chap – all endearing qualities – and extremely likeable – so when he “fails” we feel sorry for him – genuinely – because he’s clearly a nice chap. He’s also a rubiks cube nerd. (Yep I’m envious).

What I enjoyed the most about his show was the historical card tricks (mostly performed on bicycle decks) – one of which is 150 years old… and several “volunteer assisted” tricks which kept pace and the audience on side at all times. Its a lovely idea to have some ancient tricks performed for me here and now. It is charming. And as relevant in entertainment literacy as vaudeville schtick, symphonies and tribal dance. All important parts of historical practice.

I must urge you to seek out and support Milas where and when you can – his run at the Fringe is over – but I’m sure – very sure he’ll grow into a huge success soon. Catch it while his tickets are still cheap.

Doesn’t seem to have a website – but check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HarryMilasMagician?fref=ts

(PS – It is true that I have dated Magicians… but it was me that made THEM disappear. Terrible joke. But it’s true.)