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My Private Parts | The Sydney Fringe

MPP Pics

It’s a funny catchy title. I loved asking people “Are you seeing My Private Parts?”… and the usual guffaw or smirk results. In a Fringe Festival guide stuffed full of shows, it is hard to find a point of difference- but My Private Parts manages this brilliantly.

Polka dot dresses, Doris Day tunes, a giant picture of a pin up girl with a microwave inserted where her “private parts” would be… a three piece band, plenty of music and two stunning performers- what more could I possibly want? Read more

OFF THE SHELF Script Development Hothouse| Queen Street Studio


Yesterday was playwriting Australia’s marathon “Breaking Down the Doors” which offered over 80 playwrights the opportuntity to have a section/scene of their work read by professional actors, facilitated by professional directors at Carriageworks. I was one of the few folk who attended over 8 hours of playreading (yep, I’m hardcore!) making notes on the plays I had seen or read before, writers I knew, writers I didn’t know and writers I want to know. It was large scale, impressive carousel of plays. By contrast Off the Shelf- an opportunity for plays to be developed over a month is an intimate affair: only 5 teams are selected- the readings are for an invited audience only. There are several scripts developed during Off the Shelf that have gone onto have a production- Combat Fatigue, Sexy Tales of Paleontology, Zetland and The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate have all been included in the Sydney Fringe, And Of the Causes of Wonderful Things is on at Next Wave Festival in Brisbane.

Queen Street Studio is a wonderful place to work… built on the vision of Sam Chester and James Winter, Queen Street Studio is an artist run rehearsal space, meeting and event venue that fosters and encourages the development of artists.


In the performing arts industry, sometimes it feel as though you are fighting a beaurocracy, being selected by administrators, not peers or artists… sometimes it is lonely and isolating. Queen Street Studio is the place where performers, performance makers and writers can come to be nurtured, develop work or process, and rehearse. I am honoured to be a part of the team at Queen Street Studio, and able to provide emerging writers an opportunity to develop new scripts. Read more


bsn10 image lowres

Since April, I have been reading, researching, approaching playwrights… It’s what I spend most of my time thinking about… I talk to them, I read plays, I see plays, I hang out at playwriting courses… I see readings, I hold readings… all in the name of BRAND SPANKING NEW. Read more

(Selected) Stories from the 428 | Sidetrack Theatre


Remounting a show is a huge gamble- the hope that people who missed it last time are in town and can see it, the hope that those who saw the original show feel such a fondness for the show they want to see a replay (like that much loved VHS tape from my childhood) or are curious to see how it has changed. It’s a gamble that the writers, the directors and actors want to see it again, want to work on it again- want to plunge their foot in the same river twice… and the risk feels huge.

Luckily for Stories from the 428, a collection of the writers, directors and actors were available, keen and generous enough to lend their time and talent- and with the help of Leslie, Naomi, Guy and Kendall at ACTT the rehearsals were sorted out- and before long everyone was back ready to jump on board and into the Fringe Festival. Read more

Spoilt for choice at THE SYDNEY FRINGE


I have been receiving text messages, emails and in casual conversations I have been asked repeatedly, “So… the Sydney Fringe… there’s just so much on… I don’t know where to begin… what should I see?”

So in response to them, I say “Well there’s plenty to see- just don’t panic! Don’t panic! Stop trembling! Put down that chocolate bar- you’ll be OK! Just make sure you catch something at the inaugural Sydney Fringe!!!” And so I thought I would write a little post to let you know what I am keen on seeing, and what I know about… and what I’ve been working on… it’s been a busy couple of months! There’s a mix of stuff in here- yep, even a visual arts show! And that’s what festivals about- sampling a little bit of everything… Read more

Quack | The Griffin Theatre Company


I’m experiencing a definite zombie zeitgeist… and I’m not talking about our current hung parliament. A friend of mine says that zombie films are really siege films- where a population is surrounded and consumed by zombies- the inescapable siege. Perhaps it’s the fact that Australia, in it’s island sensibility fears invasion so strongly that this zombie terror is raising it’s ugly undead head? In thinking about zombies- i think about the insatiable need to consume (often brains, I believe)- and that perhaps the rise of zombie presence is a comment on our need to mindlessly consume and purchase? I feel the zombie-ness acutely in my 14 hour work days- and surely I am not alone? We are the working poor, are we not? Read more

At The Drive in | Shopfront Theatre

At the drive-in-420x0

In my car- my much loved mustard yellow 1980 Toyota Corona, affectionately known as “Golden Oldie”- I headed down the Princes Highway at a respectable speed- White Zombie crackling through the stereo. The streetlights flick past. The dashboard display glows pale green our faces. We are on our way to Shopfront Theatre‚Äôs major project at Hazelhurst Gallery in Gymea- At the Drive In. Read more

(Selected) Stories from the 428 – Sydney Fringe Festival


Earlier this year, a group of playwrights, directors, crew and actors came together to create a project inspired by Sydney’s transport system. A suite of plays were presented at Sidetrack theatre- a different suite each week for two weeks celebrating the bizarre, fantastical, romantic, infuriating Sydney Commuter experience. With a total of nearly 100 artists on board- nearly 1500 people over 10 performances enjoyed the fruits of their labours. Six months later, most of the directors and an ensemble cast have come together with a selection of the scenes from both weeks, culminating in a new show- full of surprises! If you missed it- this is your chance! Read more

The Imagine Festival | Cleveland St Theatre

Imagine Logo Final.indd

The Imagine Festival was started in 2009 at Cleveland St Theatre, as a means of connecting creative people to each other. At that time, I had a little script in my top draw that I desperately wanted to see or at least hear. And I had, since 2008, wanted to work with Sally Blackwood a director who from all accounts knew how to talk to actors- how to make work which was beautiful and heartfelt. The Imagine Festival 2009, gave me that opportunity to take the great leap into approaching Sally with my little play “A Letter to the Man I’ll Never Kiss”… Read more

Queen Street Studio’s Blueprint Residency | FraserStudios, Chippendale


Last Saturday night, under a clear dark blue sky, fifty people stood on the street in Chippendale, waiting for the latest showing at Queen Street Studio to start. Busy talking amongst themselves, it took a while for the audience to notice the elephant walking towards them- holding a sign which said:


and another that said

“Follow Me”

We made our way en masse under the roller door of Studio 10- into a new world. Or a familiar world re-invented by the artists within.
Read more

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