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OPPORTUNITY: ARTSLAB 2012 Applications now open | Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance

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Applications are open to artists aged between 18-25 who are interested in developing new work in the areas of – writing, directing, performance, multimedia, visual arts, music/composition, collaborative community arts, movement and design. Read more

The Wrap Up – I Contain Multitudes | 7-ON and Novemberism


I love this picture. I love that it is an emblem of my first show containing all seven writers of 7-On Playwrights collective. Read more

A New Brain | Sidetrack Theatre


A small note.

I attended “A New Brain” at Sidetrack Theatre Read more

Slow Reveal | Artslab Residency Showcase at Shopfront


There is very little that will keep me away from the end of year Artslab showcase. Very little. Even readying a stack of new monologues by 7-on playwrights could not stop me.

The declarations are these: Read more

I Contain Multitudes | Novemberism at The Old 505 Theatre


Novemberism – a festival for playwrights by playwrights.

When I heard of this pro-active, empowered festival for playwrights, by playwrights- how could I keep away? I got on the phone to ISM and asked them in a shy voice if perhaps I could offer a morsel amongst the sumptuous smorgasboard of events to their calendar? In particular, I offered them (and 7-On) a show. Read more

Who reads reviews? Who cares? Why bother?


It is a daily question in my life:

Why bother?
As a director, producer, writer, dramaturg – I certainly seem to have enough to do without the extra stress/time demands of reviewing shows. Read more

The GAB | The Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW & Sydney Theatre Company


It’s a terrifying truth, that many actors won’t live in the perfumed comfort of a mansion in the Hollywood Hills – some may never even know the horror/delight of owning a mortgage anywhere – ever. Read more

WTF is NOVEMBERISM? | The Old 505 Theatre


We are a week into November… and you may have heard of a word whispered in foyers, or “liked” on facebook… and you may have thought, WTF is Novemberism? And why is everyone talking about it? Read more

Not a Review of Women Power Culture – Then & Now | New Theatre

wpc web

This is not a review.

It can’t be. It’s unfortunate that the little tab on my site says “Reviews” when really this is not a review. it’s a post. Well perhaps it might be a review of sorts as I re-view the past month or so working on my pieces for Women Power Culture. I am viewing it – or responding to the questions I have been asking myself about many things. Read more

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